Triathlon – What to expect

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Triathlon – What to expect So as Triathlon season fast approaches we plan to let you know the ins and the outs surrounding the sport. Triathlon as many of you know is a multistage sports event involving three continuous and sequential endurance disciplines. Whilst there are many variations of the sport, Triathlon, in its most […]

Motivation – Battle The Enemies in your Head

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Ultimate Motivation – The Battle Against The Enemies In Your Head There are a legion of voices in your head shouting their unanimous decision for you to hit the snooze button every morning, your aching muscles lay still in rebellion, Pretending not to hear a voice in your brain commanding them to move. Those voices […]

Workout ( Frequency and Duration)

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Workout Frequency and Duration Recovery is just as important as the exercise itself. Therefore, it is essential to understand that you should not over-train. Many people believe that they have to train every day in order to be lean and ripped. However, I suggest that you train around four times a week; this allows enough […]

Bigger Biceps

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Bigger Biceps  Your body has approximately 640 muscles, and just as teachers would give more attention to their favourite pupils, you will have an oversized affection for your biceps. They’re relatively small as muscles go, and if your arm workouts aren’t focussed on curls they probably aren’t growing much bigger. Real bodybuilder and muscle heads […]

Protein Diet – Fat Loss

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Protein Diet For Fat Loss A lot of people are turning to a ‘High Protein diet’ for assistance with weight loss, but are the facts behind the method? In this blog we plan to discuss in detail the facts behind a ‘High Protein diet’ in relation to weight loss and the facts behind other competitive […]

Glutamine – Whats it for?

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Glutamine Glutamine is an amino acid found in the body. The body is capable of making enough glutamine for its everyday needs, but if placed under extreme stress, then this supply gets depleted to the point that your body may need more glutamine than it is able to make. Extreme stress refers to the kind […]