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Acti-tape Originates as therapeutic tape for injury rehabilitation, Supporting joints and muscles and enhancing sports performance whilst not affecting your range of motion. Original concept –New discoveries

Acti-tapes original concept was first developed in Japan in the late 1970’s. Today aside from the uses of rehabilitation, new methods have been developed that address benefits associated with prevention and health maintenance, Reducing Oedema and helping with Pain relief.

More Info

History of the tape

The original idea for the elastic therapeutic sport tape or Kinesiology tape was first developed by a Japanese chiropractor that had trained in the United States. Its concept was first conceived in the early 1970’s before later being developed in the late 70’s.

Over its life the concept has been developed into specialized tape to aid the body in self-healing.

The basic idea of the tape is that movement and activity in the muscles is necessary for your recovery. Various versions of the tape have been developed to support muscles without restricting their movement or range of motion. They also then found that muscles affected your body’s blood circulation.

Acti-Tape applied to stretched skin has been found to be very useful for reducing localised swelling often associated with surgery, Orthopaedic or sports injuries, and acute trauma. Findings have also found Acti-tape to be beneficial in the treatment of Lymphedema. By using a combination of technique and tape you are able to create unique effects on different body systems, by supporting the body’s natural elastic qualities within the body tissues such as skin and muscles. It was effectively used in Asia for over 20 years and became first introduced to USA in 1995.

The Use of Acti-tape has already helped a huge number of athletes maintain their physical excellence even when taking part in extremely harsh or difficult training regimes and intensive sports events.

The powers behind the method

So how does Acti-tape work? Acti-tape’s Key principal is based on the body’s own natural healing properties. When Acti-tape is applied, it may assist the body’s return to normal function.

The Acti-tape material is highly elastic (As elastic as human skin) and in conjunction with is wave-like adhesive pattern, it lifts the skin under the point of its application fractionally when applied. Its this lifting of the skin that supports the alleviation of pain and helps to facilitate lymphatic drainage by increasing the space between the skin and muscle, In order to allow body fluid to flow easier under the application area.

The localized pressure reduction and support for circulation and lymphatic drainage means there will be a decrease in pressure on your body’s sensory receptors. The overall and desired result is pain relief, promotion of injury recovery and reduction of any swelling at the application site.

Acti-tape’s physical features

So what are the special features of Acti-Tape?

• Water Resistant - Acti-tape can withstand showers and physical activity including water such as swimming

• Highly Breathable – Acti-tape efficiently channels air and sweat to maintain your skins integrity

• Highly Flexible – Acti-tape is as elastic and flexible as human skin so it allows your muscle to perform their full range of motion, easily and comfortably.

• Latex Free, Hypoallergenic

• Effective for 3-4 days

Who is able to use Acti-tape?

Acti-tape is now used widely by professional athletes, Trainers, Podiatrists and Orthopaedists worldwide. Since the tape is non-medicated it can be useful for pregnant woman, children, office workers and the elderly who need muscle support and protection. If you are using the application of the tape in conjunction with undergoing physical therapy may optimise the effect of such therapy.

It can also be used to assist with relief of lower back strain/pain, Subluxation, disc herniation, knee conditions, tight Hamstrings, Groin injuries, rotator cuff injuries, Whiplash, Tennis Elbow, Patella tracking disorder, Pre and post surgical oedema, Ankle sprains, etc. Its multiple uses make Acti-tape your best partner for an active lifestyle.

Other Regular Queries

1. Are there any meanings behind the different colours of Acti-tape?

There is no difference technically with the various colours of Acti-tape. The choice of colour is one of personal preference and style. However if you are taking part in outdoor activities, it may be useful to use the black tape as this absorbs more heat when in the sun, which provides added warmth to the point of application.

2. How do I decide on which application to use?

The procedure of application is simple. First you must locate the problem, Secondly you must define what result you feel is needed. Do you want pain relief? Or do you perceive lack of strength in a muscle or joint? Or maybe you would like it to assist with swelling? Once you decide the location of application and what is needed you can visit the Acti-tape website and view their ‘how to’ Guides.

3. There are multiple methods of application for one area of the body, how do I decide which one I shall use? When you have chosen the appropriate method, the perceived effect is almost immediate. That does not mean that the problem has been curled but the tape has provided relief and support required whilst allowing a broad range of motion.

This immediate feedback is a useful way of deciding whether the tape application is appropriate. If you find no perceived improvement within a few minutes, remove and choose an alternative application. . You should also start with what appears to be the more simple application methods for that area of the body; this is on the basis that ‘ Less is more’

4. Can my condition worsen if tape is applied incorrectly?

The short answer to this question is No; it is good of course to follow closely all advice given in the Acti-tape videos and guides, to obtain the best possible effects. The worst likely outcome is that you have wasted a piece of tape on that particular application if the desired effect has not been obtained. We do encourage you to play about with the tape and its methods of application to see how you can best help your own situation.

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