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Applied Nutrition

Applied Nutrition Achieve your Potential

Applied Nutrition was founded in 2009 and is one of the UK’s fasted growing sports nutrition brands. They have a range of products varying from tablet supplements to powders for shakes, all with elite capabilities as sports nutrition products.

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Applied nutrition has over 30 years of experience in exercise, sport and nutrition. Their materials are sourced from all over the world to ensure optimum quality and efficiency from their products. They take pride in supplying quality sports nutrition supplements with great results.

Their products are only produced in cGMP-approved facilities that all comply with the highest levels of quality control. What it written on their labels is what you will find in the product, and it will always be produced to the highest standard.

Applied Nutrition also emphasise on innovation and are avid users of their own great products. Alpha Genesis was the first product in Europe to look at natural anabolism (Natural build up of tissue) from all angles. It is safe and 100% natural and is one of their many innovative products included in their range.

Applied Nutrition only produce products that work and will make a difference to your performance. Here are just a few of their great products in more detail.

Critical Mass

Critical mass is a high potency weight gainer designed for people who find it difficult to gain body mass. It provides a calorie dense formula with high levels of protein and carbohydrate included in each serving. This ensures that your muscles get all the vital nutrients it needs for growth and recovery.

Critical Mass contains 52 grams of high quality proteins per serving, providing the building blocks for your muscle tissue. It contains a precise ratio of complex and fast acting carbs. By consuming enough carbs it will prevent the loss of muscle tissue, making Critical Mass ideal for individuals needing a high carb meal during the day or after a training session.

Kre-Alkalyn 1500

Kre-Alkalyn is the worlds first 100% stable creatine; it contains a patented creatine in a pharmaceutical delivery system that provides maximum stability and absorption. Standard creatine has a very short-term stability and begins breaking down into a bi-product creatinine when exposed to liquid. As a result of this, standard creatine cannot be left in liquid for long periods of time.

Kre-Alkalyn is pH buffered to optimise maximum stability and absorption. It does not break down into the bi-product creatinine and will deliver the best amounts of creatine into the bloodstream. This means that your muscles will also receive more of this creatine, as more will be absorbed into the blood stream than standard creatine. With greater absorption from this product it means you will be able to consume less whilst feeling more benefits and explosive effects. No Mixing, No Weighing, No Loading, Just RESULTS!

Alpha Genesis

Alpha Genesis is Applied Nutrition’s potent natural anabolic. Its formula is based on the evolution of a natural anabolic into the ultimate combination, this is no ordinary product. It combines all major minerals involved in hormone management using research proven ingredients to ensure its maximum Androgenic activity. All of this is don’t completely naturally but is hugely effective.

On of the major compounds included in Alpha Genesis is Na-M-DAA. This potent compound is proven to have major effect on the body and its ability to produce hormones that are involved with Anabolism (Building of Tissue).

Testosterone naturally occurs in the body and Alpha Genesis helps to optimise its capabilities while assisting your body with regulation of other anabolic hormones.  Strong? You’ve seen nothing yet!


D-Tox is a natural cleansing formula designed with a combination of specific vitamins, minerals and botanical ingredients proven to hold cleansing and antioxidant qualities. Many factors of day-today life can have an effect on our bodies. Stress, alcohol consumption, poor diet, lack of sleep, exercise and medication. There are great side effects of these factors that can lead to toxins building up in our bodies, which can eventually affect our health.

D-Tox Contains clinically proven ingredients proven to assist rejuvenation and cleansing of the liver, aid your digestive health, improve the functionality of thyroids, provide significant anti- oxidative effects and boost your body’s immune system. So give your body a D-Tox!

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