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Beet It

 You will not find anything but pure natural goodness in all products included in the BEET IT range. Their ingredients lists are kept simple with products including 90% beetroot and 10%fresh apple juice. BEET IT are proud to be the first UK Producers of all natural beetroot juice. Their products are free of artificial fertilisers and pesticides. The results of these great factors make BEET IT products simply delicious.

More Info

BEET IT is a best selling brand to be developed by the Suffolk based James white drinks company. They have been producing fruit and vegetable juices for over 23 years and have such a vast amount of experience, so its not surprising that their products have taken the world by storm for their great qualities.

The BEET IT brand has grown rapidly over the past few years with not only our pure beetroot products becoming popular. We also have had an increase in popularity in our other products such as our concentrated organic shots and our fruity, delightful tasting BEET IT with Ginger and BEET IT with Passion fruit!

BEET IT in Sport

The BEET IT brand has also become very well established in the sporting world, and has already become an absolute favourite for the UK’s Sporting elite. Many international sports people and teams are rapidly adopting it as a supplement of choice. Each 70ml shot and 60g bar contains 0.4g of dietary nitrate.

Origins in Sport

The England rugby team used the beetroot juice from BEET IT in their 2010 season, some of them loved it and others were less keen. From this came the development of the 70ml concentrated beetroot shot to deliver the same dose of dietary nitrate reducing the overall liquid intake.

These expectations were exceeded when we came up with the BEET IT SPORT shot which contains a huge 33% increase in dietary nitrate. This gives users 0.4g per shot. As this product was specifically designed for the elite sportsperson, it is no surprise that the majority of BEET IT’s professional teams and elite sports people have switched from the original single strength juice.

Our shots have now become the preferred method used by research teams to boost the body’s N.O levels in blood. BEET IT recommends that you use this shot 1-12 hours before exercise. Some of the BEET IT Sports people suggest taking the shots on a loading basis, having one shot a day for 1-2 weeks before an event or competition.


BEET IT Organic is the original shot from the BEET IT Range. It has been used by health conscious individuals of all ages to improve the body’s N.O Levels. Each 70ml shot contains 0.3g of dietary nitrate, and has been tested by experts to ensure maximum quality.


Lky7 stock the entire BEET IT range as we believe it has great capabilities for those looking to get ahead and perform better in the fitness industry, whether you are a full time sports person or just a recreational exerciser. BEET IT’s products have already been proven to promote a healthy body among many individuals, with each of their products specifically formulated for various purposes and goals. 

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