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Cherry Active

CherryActive are a leading brand of supplements used for sports recovery, Joint care, Healthy sleep and antioxidant intake. With a range of products in varying sizes their key aim is to provide the goals required with their products.

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CherryActive- The early life

John Carey founded CherryActive in 2005 after discovering that Montmorency cherries were a natural remedy for his pain caused by gout.

CherryActive are the largest supplier of Montmorency cherry concentrate and capsules in the UK. For over 5 years they have supplied tens of thousands of customers with their products. Their cherries are grown on a specialist farm in North America, and the gentle harvesting techniques used avoid harsh heat treatments and damaging preservatives to protect to fruits natural antioxidants.

There is no added sugar, Sweeteners, flavourings or colourings making their products completely natural.

Their CherryActive Concentrate won the best supplement award at natural lifestyle awards 2009, and their CherryActive capsules won the best product award at the Natural trade show 2007. Since then the company has thrived to produce more products for different goals and have helped so many people in their sports recovery process.

Sports Recovery

CherryActive has already been proven to speed and aid recovery whilst reducing soreness from exercise and training.

• By taking products regularly you reduce exercise induced soreness and promote your body’s rapid recovery

• Increases your antioxidant intake which helps to reduce damage from oxidative stress

• Montmorency Cherries – A natural source of melatonin (Well documented to help improve sleep quality)

• Used by elite sports people across the UK including football, rugby, tennis and athletics and also thousand of keen amateurs

• Overall improved recovery, less soreness following physical activity and improved quality of sleep. It can also help to improve the quality of training and help take your sports performance to the next level

Recommended Use

• Take 30ml CherryActive Concentrate within 20 minute of finishing a training session or workout, Dilute with 250-500ml of water.

• For additional assistance with recovery, take 2 CherryActive capsules 30 minutes prior to sleeping at night.

Joint care and Uric Acid Maintenance

Are you suffering with joint pain caused by gout or arthritis? Well suffer no more! CherryActive can help you.

Montmorency cherries are a rich source of Anthocyanins. Anthocyanins possess natural anti-inflammatory capabilities and also help to maintain healthy levels of Uric acid. Health care therapists recommend Montmorency cherries juice and capsules to maintain a healthy and comfortable joint function and a natural level of uric acid for your body.

Healthy sleep

Want better sleep? Current research shows that by taking CherryActive concentrate daily will improve the quality and quantity of sleep. The CherryActive concentrate and capsules are both made from Montmorency cherries that are high in naturally occurring melatonin. Melatonin is naturally produced by the brain to regulate healthy sleep cycles so the extra dose you receive from the CherryActive products will further help to promote an all round healthy sleep. Health professionals are among the many recommending the CherryActive products in your diet to improve your sleep patterns.

Antioxidant Intake

CherryActive is a perfect way to benefit from a high antioxidant diet. Antioxidants help to protect your body from damaging ‘ Free radicals’ produced during activity. Free radicals are linked to ageing skin, cancers, heart disease and arthritis. Health professionals are among the many people recommending a high antioxidant diet to help maintain good health.

CherryActive has been proven to outperform other popular antioxidant drinks with health professional recommending that you take 30ml of CherryActive concentrate or 2 CherryActive capsules each day for improved antioxidant health.

CherryActive Concentrate

Available in; 946ml (31 servings); 473ml (15 servings); 30ml 'Shot Pack' (1 serving)

BlueberryActive Concentrate

• 100% concentrated blueberry juice with no added preservatives. • Glorious tasting, premium quality concentrated blueberry juice. • Each 210ml bottle typically made from the concentrated juice of over 1250 blueberries. • A 210ml bottle makes two litres of diluted juice (mix 30ml concentrate into half a pint of fresh water). • Alternatively, add to natural yoghurt, smoothies or as a mixer.

BeetActive Concentrate

• 100% concentrated beetroot juice, with no added preservatives. • Sweet tasting, premium quality concentrated beetroot juice. • Each 210ml bottle typically made from concentrated juice of over 30 beetroot. • A 210ml bottle makes two litres of diluted juice (mix 30ml concentrate into half a pint of fresh water). • Alternatively, drizzle neat over a salad or mix with balsamic vinegar and olive oil for a delicious beetroot salad dressing.

CherryActive Capsules

• Made from 100% natural Montmorency cherries. • Ultra convenient, taste-free and very low in carbohydrates. • Freeze-dried to protect their concentrated antioxidants. • Fine milled to maximize absorption. • 100% vegetarian with no added fillers. • 'Best Product Award’ at the Natural Trade Awards 2007.

Available in: 60-capsule pack (30 servings); 30-capsule pack

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