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Core150 are the producers of one of the best sports shaker cups on the market. These shaker cups come in a range of colours from the original designs to the new improved arrivals that bring the cup some attitude. All the Core150 shaker cups include unique three compartment storage holders for extra powder servings or tablets. Have you got your Core150 shaker cup yet ?

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Who are Core150?

Core150 are producers of a sports shaker cup that is designed to help you transport your sports nutrition and dietary supplements on the go. This 1 litre shaker bottle comes with 3 compartments for you to put your powder or tablet supplements.  Each compartment can hold up to 50 grams of your favourite powder or tablets. You can store any powder of your choice in the shaker compartments from protein powders to pre-workout or alternatively use the storage compartments for tablets such as the ones used for weight loss or BCAA’s. This product enables you to keep your sports nutrition and dietary snacks organized and prepared, ready to use wherever you may be.

Core150 – 150 Grams of storage

No other shaker on the market has 3 storage holders and the bottle itself all in one shaker.  With each storage compartment holding up to 50grams it brings this shakers total storage space to a whopping 150 grams, plus the litre you have to mix your shake. If your not ready to make your shake when you leave your house on your many adventures why not optimize that litre space by adding yourself a further scoop of storage space, making 200 grams of storage if you want it

Storage compartments

The centre of the shaker holds the removable storage compartments, when removed you will hae the full litre capacity from the cup part of your shaker. This enables you to easily transport mass gainer powders, as they often require more liquid for consumption than the average powder.

Transport it all together

If you like taking your nutrition powders on the go, then Core150 is going to make your life easier. These shakers are made to help you by allowing you to have your sports nutrition on hand when you need it. No scoop is needed as the Core150 team has already done the measurements and ensures all compartments are exactly 50g.

The compartments don’t have to be used to hold powders, they can also be used to hold and transport your favourite tablet supplements or other nutritional snacks. These nutritional snacks could include anything from dried fruits and snacks to vitamin tablets. These compartments help you control your diet, which will then help you to achieve your fitness goals, whether you are an elite athlete or a recreational gym user, Core150 is for you!

The History of Core150

The Core150 Company was founded in November 2011 and introduced a sports shaker cup for the entire fitness market. Core150 came up with the innovative solution to provide athletes and recreational gym users with a shaker that can include multiple nutrition products on demand.

Over the past 2 years Core150 have evolved through intense market research in sporting case studies about the importance of supplement intake.  The most outstanding part of Core150 perhaps is its unique ability to deliver 50 grams of powder in three separate compartments that can be sealed so you can have your powders and other supplements on demand.  This shaker is also designed to deliver 1 litre of water for maximum hydration.

The Core150 team are still researching the benefits of sports nutrition on a regular basis and will continue to adapt their ideas accordingly. They also do a lot of research into nutrition intake during dieting and physical exertion to ensure you get the best benefits from owning one of their shakers.

Since Core150 was founded they have had a goal to have the best multi compartment sports shaker cup for everyone on the market.  Core150 have produced a product that delivers 3-step nutrition for when you need it, allowing you to perform at maximum potential during exercise.  This sports shaker cup provides you with enough fluid to either mix your powders or hydrate your body effectively.

Core150 at Lky7 Sports

Lky7 believe that the shakers produced by Core150 are unlike any other thanks to their great and unique multistorage capabilities. Since we have sold these shakers at Lky7 we have only heard good reviews about the ability to transport multiple powders and supplements at once using a Core150 shaker and thanks to there bright and colourful designs they allow you to keep up with the trend.

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