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Cytosport are one of the lead producers of sports aimed nutrition supplements. Their products combine the finest ingredients with some of the best research to provide products that not allowing taste great but allow you to perform at your very best.

More Info

Finding of CytoSport

Cytosport was found in 1998 by the father and son team Greg and Michael Pickett. Their first product was ‘Cytomax’ but this was only the start of their many sports innovations to come. What happened between then and now has sparked them to the top and they now feature among the top sports nutrition companies of the U.S.

Protein Products

In 1999 they introduced ‘Complete Whey’ and ‘Cytogainer’ which became their first protein products of their range. This started their protein revolution in sports nutrition. In the year 2000 their big revolution was getting bigger and Cytosport introduced ‘Muscle Milk’ which quickly took the industry by storm. It became the standard of which protein products were measured against and the ‘Muscle Milk’ brand remains the most popular of the entire CytoSport family.

Its massive success made it obvious that there was much more potential for this brand, so came the launch of the Muscle Milk ready to drink range. This new range of muscle milk products provided added convenience to athletes who needed protein for recovery to train over again.

Award for Muscle Milk

In 2005 Muscle Milk received a massive amount of industry praise receiving the award for ‘New Product Of The Year’ by This was a huge piece of praise and coverage for the brand and really helped with the further development of the company from this stage.

Partners with USC

In 2006 CytoSport made a massive leap in its life and became official partners with USC. They became a massive training support for all student athletes at USC helping them with recovery after workouts and games. CytoSport still continues to support the athletics program at USC.

NSF Certification

In 2007 CytoSport received a NSF Certificate, which indicated proof of their commitment to producing products free of banned substances. 2008 saw CytoSport receive their huge recognition in the sports nutrition industry, with Muscle Milk being voted as ‘Best Functional Beverage’ and ‘Beverage of the Year’ by Bevnet.

Active Lifestyle Consumers

The brand was now starting to take appeal to the active lifestyle consumers as well as the athletes. It became a useful product for anyone looking for a tasty advantage to adding protein to your diet easily on a daily basis. CytoSport also saw a need for clean fuel for the elite bodybuilders and power athletes, so came the development of ‘Monster Milk’.

Another Award

In 2009 CytoSport received yet another award, receiving the award for ‘Beverage Company of the year’ by the beverage-marketing corporation. In the same year Muscle milk was voted as the ‘Best Ready-To-Drink’ of the year by

Chicago Cubs

Their partnerships didn’t stop with USC; in 2010 they became official partners with the Chicago Cubs. They provided the players of the Chicago cubs with great protein and recovery products to help them survive the season.

Spreading across Canada

2011 saw CytoSport head north as their products became more widely available in Canada. This spread of business came along with the Beverage Industry Magazine naming CytoSport as one of the Top 100 Beverage Companies. Their Growth did no end there.

UK Invasion

2012 saw the great invasion of the UK and CytoSport products became available across the nation. The demand and Recognition of their products and brand were growing fast. CytoSport felt that the industry was calling out for a new product and so came the birth of a new brand of protein products for busy females. This was named ‘Evolve’.

World Domination

2013 saw further growth of the company with them now expanding across Europe and the world, with the products now being made available in Germany and Australia.

So with the entire brand range from Cytosport containing more products and now reaching much further across the globe, It has become so well established in not only the sports nutrition world but the world of people looking to be generally healthier too.

Chosen By Lky7

Since it has come to the UK CytoSport and its brands have sold well delivering the results that people want from their nutrition supplements. This is why Lky7 has chosen this great brand to feature among our line of products. We believe in only choosing the very best products and with CytoSport’s recognition and awards it really is one of the best brands.

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