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Dextro Energy are the expert providers of energy products associated with performance sports. Their compact range of sports nutrition supplements promote an athletes performance for endurance sports. Their products were designed and developed by nutritionists who followed a tailor-made concept, which was based on the needs of athletes and other sports people alike. All of their products are considered as effective aids to increased performance in both training and events.

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Get Balanced

People that are looking to give their performance capacity a bit of a boost will find their range of products useful. They use a precise balance between carbs, fats and protein, which is vital when taking part in sport. Athletes have to ensure that their daily food intake includes the right levels of carbohydrate, low-fat foods and high-quality protein, and Dextro energy aim to make this easier for them.

Having the right amount of liquid also plays a crucial role in an athletes performance. A combination of a good balanced diet and the products featured in the Dextro Energy range can be the ideal solution for performance athletes. This combination will give them the assurance of knowing their energy reserve levels are regularly topped up, increasing their physical performance.

Principles of Dextro Energy

Dextro Energy products are perfectly tuned in to the needs of athletes during all three stages of sport. Dextro can supply an athlete with that required nutrition before, during and after training or an event. Their products include an accurate usage guide, using a triangular diagram that display at what period of sport the product should be used.

There are four other important factors to Dextro energy products and they are;

  • Optimum effectiveness
  • Easy To Digest
  • Convenience
  • Great Taste with a variety of Choices

Before Sport

Before sport Dextro energy helps to replenish energy reserves, restore levels of fluid and supply minerals. Drink a sufficient amount of fluid for two hours before the start of training or an event. Then around 20 minutes before the event the Hypotonic features of 150-300ml of Dextro Energy’s Carbo Mineral Drink will ensure a sufficient supply of liquids and energy for your physical activity.

During Sport

During physical activity Dextro Energy helps to maintain your performance ability, Guarantee your body an energy supply and replenish your body’s fluids and minerals. A good way to ensure maximum energy input per hour of physical activity is to give your body around 60-80g of carbs with Dextro Energy’s Carbohydrate bar, Liquid gel or Carbo Mineral Drink.

After Sport

After your physical or sporting activity, Dextro Energy can help to replenish your body’s energy reserves, restore fluid levels and regenerate muscles. Once your energy reserves have been used up for physical activity, it is better to consume small, easily digestable snacks rather than heavy, energetic meals. Experts recommend athletes consume 60-90g of “Carbohydrate Fuels” and proteins in a 3:1 ratio within one to one and a half hours after the completion of an event or training session.

Behind the Products

Dextro Energy believes in maximum physical performance with the correct nourishment. Many scientific studies on human metabolism and muscular system shows how energy supplied by sports nutrition products can improve sports and physical performance. Dextro Energy supply products to fulfil energy requirements before, during and after training or sports event and promote the body’s natural regeneration. These three stages of sports usage are depicted very clearly on the package of all Dextro energy products, making it easier for the consumer to select and use the products appropriate and make optimum use of them.

The Dextro Energy products are confirmed by experienced performance athletes to be a highly effective rapid source of energy. They are also great tasting, easy to use and well tolerated by the body. All Dextro Energy products are designed to provide targeted, effective support to increase performance in endurance athletes, along with many other specific benefits.

Established in science

Dextro Energy products are developed in cooperation with the institute for sports and sports science. These means all of their products are scientifically tested to ensure they have optimum results without causing harm to the body.

Tested for Athletes

The products from Dextro Energy increase athletic performance quickly and directly. Their products compliment and satisfy the requirements of performance-based endurance athletes. Their entire range was designed and developed in collaboration with nutrition experts, sports scientists and endurance trainers.

There have been many field tests that have shown that athletes are thrilled with the products. Dextro Energy products have proven to be a performance-enhancing innovation. They taste great, are highly digestible and with their combination of effective ingredients they provide exceptional results from the conveniently packaged products. 

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