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Dymatize Nutrition is a lead brand of sports nutrition supplements often associated with gym training. They are well established around the world for their fantastic range of products, each with different features.

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Where it all begun

Dymatize Nutrition was first founded in 1994 and has rapidly grown to become one of the industry’s great leaders who supply high quality nutrition supplements to millions of athletes and fitness enthusiast worldwide. You can find Dymatize in more than 50 countries across the world, which is a massive achievement for any company in the industry.

The production of safe, high quality products is very important to Dymatize Nutrition, and one way they ensure their high quality is by having every raw ingredient and product in quarantine for 3 days while its tested for optimum potency and purity. During this period they are tested multiple times by their own in-house quality control testing microbiological lab. Each test has been designed to deliver the safest and most efficient products available to the market.

Committed to the Industry

Dymatize are highly committed to producing extremely high quality, super tasting, safe and efficient products. They are constantly developing to offer new cutting edge products alongside their already proven range of products. They continue to remain as one of the top quality brands of the industry demanded by some of the top performing athletes worldwide.

Dymatize are about more than just supplying safe and high quality products. They separate themselves from the markets competition by having all of their product tested and manufactured in their own state-of-the-art facilities. Along with their own high quality testing and manufacturing labs Dymatize have their very own ‘Flavour lab’. This means Dymatize produce their very own flavours, experimenting with new flavours has become pretty big in the industry and with Dymatize having their own flavour lab means they can ensure this is don’t to optimum quality.

Most other companies purchase their finished flavours off of external companies, and we believe by having our own flavour lab, we can pay more attention to detail when it comes to finalising the production of our products. Also most other sports nutrition companies do not own their own manufacturing plants, but Dymatize felt that it was a necessary investment for the company to ensure their products were of top quality, right down to the smallest of details.

Product Control

Dymatize have complete control of what goes into their products with every single part of the process-taking place in their own establishments. They are able to take full control of purchasing, processing, blending, and packaging of their products. In conjunction with quality control this also becomes a much more affordable process, allowing us to keep our product prices lower while maintaining the highest safety, efficiency and quality.

Customer Commitment

Dymatize are committed to delivering products to customers in pursuit of building ‘Better Bodies’. Their commitment to time, effort and affordability is what makes Dymatize really stand out in the industry. If you’re using a Dymatize product, you know exactly what you’re getting and there is no doubt about its quality and ability to perform at its best.

Sport Certified

What is the importance of having their products sport certified?

Whether you ask a professional athlete or a youth athlete, you will constantly hear two questions on a regular basis about sports nutrition;

-       Are these products free of banned substances?
-       Do these products actually work like they say?

Sports Certified means a number of things but the first thing that it means which is of high importance is that its products are free of banned substances. Sports certified also means the products results are proven. The products delivered by Dymatize are proven to deliver ideal nutrition for any fitness or athletic person. All of their products are powered by their own sports performance institute (DNSPI).

Research and Development

Dymatize have a world-class research and development team led by their chief science officer, Dr. Rob Wildman PhD, RD LD FISSN.  Collectively this team has over 50 years of Sports Nutrition and product development experience. This huge amount of experience in the industry is key to help ensure the optimum delivery from their products all while tasting great. So when your workouts become painful and punishing, tasting your supplement is not.

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