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Garnell nutrition is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality sports nutrition supplements through their good quality research.

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The Garnell nutrition range includes a lot of products from gainers to BCAAs, all perfect for any elite athlete or fitness enthusiast. Their products include: Whey Gain, As-One40, High Performance Whey, Anabolic Mass, Enrage, Complex Carbs, Creatine, Lean Force, CLAs, Aspire-40, Protein Cookies, L-Glutamine, L-Glutamine, Vital Elements, BCAAs and Sports Shaker Bottles. The following products will be explained in detail bellow:

Whey Gain

Whey Gain is designed for you to rapidly gain body mass. This product helps you to fuel your workouts. If you want these results and are in a high intensity-training program and are looking to add more protein, carbs and calories into your diet then this product is definitely for you.  This product is perfect for body builders, weight trainers, athletes and fitness enthusiasts looking to gain body mass. This product comes in 3 flavours.


As-One40 is designed to help your body recover after a high intensity workout. It supports lean muscle growth, power and recovery. The main ingredient is specially selected whey protein, which is documented as a premium protein source aiding muscle recovery with easy assimilation with the body. This product is for those who want support with lean muscle growth, development of power, size and recovery. Those who would like to intake the right amount of protein and BCAAs will also find this product very useful. This product comes in 5 flavours.

High Performance Whey

This product helps with lean muscle repair and recovery, its high in BCAAs and low in carbs, fats and calories. It tastes amazing and comes in 6 irresistible flavours. It includes the best ingredients and protein formula and this is one of Garnells best selling products. This product can be mixed with ice-cold water to make a refreshing smoothie or mix with milk for a creamier texture.

Anabolic Mass

This product helps increase size and power as well as muscle gain. It has been designed to help increase body size and provide a large amount of vital nutrients to complement a heavy training regime and nutritious diet. Anabolic Mass steps up your calorie intake and fuels your body for a workout. It comes in 4 delicious flavours and can be mixed with water or milk.


Enrage aims to help increase power and improve mental focus. This pre-workout supplement is designed to give you a sustained energy rush, which will help get you through the toughest workouts. It comes in 4 great flavours.

Complex Carbs

Complex Carbs is a Carbohydrate based supplement that aims to replenish the body’s energy levels through the use of carbs. This product is widely used by Cyclists, Runners and Gym Users Although it can be used by any athlete or fitness enthusiast. This product uses a common method called carb loading  which is to provide your body with a lot of carbs before an event as well as in the middle of the event for high endurance energy. Body builders who struggle to put on body mass also consume this product to help them increase there body mass.


Creatine is used to increase muscle performance, power and aids recovery. It can help you if you’re engaged in weight training and power sports, as it will give you a high level of performance to increase muscle size and strength.


Lean-Force contains cutting edge ingredients to increase alertness. it can be used by both males and females and you will be amazed with what you can achieve when using Lean Force. It will help you reach your goals and fit in with your fitness plan.


CLAs help to preserve lean muscle and reduce fat storage.

Aspire 40

Aspire40 contains 40 grams of protein and its low in carbs and sugar. Aspire 40 is a great tasting protein bar and is great for on the go to get your intake of protein and nutrients.

Protein Cookie

This product is a convenient snack that is delicious, satisfying and simple. Each cookie contains 35 grams of protein and they can in three delicious flavours.


L-Glutamine helps to support the immune system and its functions. It is a key supplement in strength training as it is low in carbs and this product also plays a vital role in muscle repair and construction.


BCAAs help to prevent muscle tissue damage and aid a faster recovery of the muscle itself. Using this product can lead to muscle gains, faster recovery between sessions and greater performance. This product is suitable for any athlete, body builder or fitness enthusiast.


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