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Gatorade is one of the lead suppliers of energy, hydration and recovery drinks and powders used for sport. They are a well-established leading brand in the industry, which have developed their products over the years through science and research.

More Info

In 1965 an American football coach from the university of Florida decided to meet with a group of university Physicians to try and discover why his players were being so badly affected by heat related issues. Researchers found two factors affecting the players of team ‘Gator’ causing their performance to ‘wilt’.

The Discovery

They discovered that the fluids and electrolytes that players were rapidly losing through sweat was not being replaced in their system and there was also no carb replenishment to replace the ones used by the athletes as energy. Those researcher took these findings to the lab and began scientifically formulating a new, balanced Carb-to-Electrolyte beverage to actively replace the key components the athletes were using in sport. This concoction was then appropriately named after the team ‘Gator’ and given the name that still stands today, ‘Gatorade’.

Put into Practice

In 1967 the Florida Gators team, won the prestigious Orange Bowl for the first time in their history. This team was fuelled by the power of Gatorade. The Gator’s runner back broke an Orange Bowl record in this game with a massive 94-yard touchdown. Following the game head coach of the opposing team Georgia, said “ We didn’t have Gatorade – That made a Difference’.

University to the Major Leagues

Gatorade’s success didn’t end their with team Gator, in 1969, head coach of the Gators suggested to the Kansas City Chiefs that they use Gatorade to fuel their team in the blazing Missouri sun. They were so impressed with the effects of Gatorade that they used it all season long, which ended with them having victory over the Minnesota Vikings in the Super Bowl IV.

In 1983 Gatorade became the official sports drink of the NFL. More and more teams had begun taking advantage of the major effects on performance that Gatorade can have. Gatorade still holds this title today.

The birth of the ‘Gatorade Dunk’

1984 saw the birth of the ‘Gatorade Dunk’, which is where the winning team of a match pour a cooler of Gatorade over their coach in celebration. This tradition has grown and happens regularly in both college games and in the Pro Leagues, even in the Super Bowl.

Getting back to the science

In 1985 the Gatorade Sports Science Institute was founded, This is two decades after that group of researchers made their discoveries and developed their optimum hydration formula that became Gatorade. It was founded in Barrington, Illinois, and was first used to conduct scientific research into exercise, hydration and sports nutrition.

Three years after, the lab was expanded, enabling it to provide advanced athlete testing, new Gatorade products and flavours and develop materials for sports education. Today the GSSI continues to work with some of the top athletes around the world.

The leap from American Football To Shooting Hoops

In1991 NBA star Michael Jordan signed for Gatorade and begun introducing the brand to a new generation of athletes. This was a great move by the Gatorade team as it now showed that the Gatorade products had appeal in more than one sport.

The trip to Britian

In 2008 Gatorade jumped the lake from the states and landed in the UK, bringing with them over 40 years of sports history and expertise with them to provide the British athletes with their knowledge. Some of their initial work in the UK was with the world-class British cyclist Victoria Pendleton.


Gatorade was evolving and with their evolution came the new range of products, ‘G Series Pro’. This range included 01Prime, 02Perform and 03Recover with are three different sports stage products that ensure athletes are fuelled before, during and after physical activity.

It works for American Football, So why not try Rugby? That’s right the new Gatorade Perform series was used to target rugby players, and it worked.

Top of the sporting world

Gatorade still remains as one of lead brands of the sports nutrition industry being used in multiple sports worldwide. Many athletes will not train without using their Gatorade products, so that’s why we rate it as one of the number one brands of the industry. They are back by science, backed by results and truly have become an amazing brand of products to use. Don’t just believe the hype, try Gatorade for yourself.

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