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Grenade is a brand that has become most famous for their fat burning supplement Thermo Detanator. But they have a lot more to offer than just the power to lose weight. The grenade range has grown over the years and they now continue to offer supplements for weight loss with alternative products more aimed at women, a new weight loss product with an added buzz to act as a Pre-workout as well as a fat burner, Pre-workout powders that come in a variety of sizes in two great tongue tantalizing flavours, Protein flapjacks for after gym snacks to reload your body’s energy and a supplement to help increase your body’s testosterone levels.

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Grenade Thermo Detonator

Grenade fat burners are a revolutionary fat burning supplement. Suitable for men and women, Grenade is fast becoming an essential supplement for users all over the world. The users range from recreational gym users to professional athletes, with all regular grenade users raving about the products results as both a weight management supplement and a pre-workout kick. When used following the guidance given by Grenade along with a sensible diet and exercise program, Grenade is able to increase your energy levels helping you to achieve your physical goals.

Grenade combines well with your high protein, calorie control diet and exercise routine to “Declare War On Fat”. This supplement combines the highest quality, maximum potency ingredients to help support your body’s metabolic rate and appetite, naturally supporting fat metabolism and weight management. With each serving including a whopping 500mg of Green Tea extract, it really packs a punch in the industry with regards to this proven ingredient. They also hold strong antioxidant and health supportive properties giving you even more reason to give them a go.

Along with its other proven ingredients grenade believe it makes this formula as powerful as it can possibly be while maintaining its classification as a food supplement without crossing the line into having significant drug-like effects. So for the highest and most potent dosages no product declares war on fat like Grenade!

Grenade Black Ops

Black Ops is Grenades new elite weight management system developed by the multi award winning Grenade team, and it holds a unique stimulatory effect designed to enhance mental and physical performance. This product is predominantly aimed at male users but is safe to be used by females. It has a shorter duration of action than the original Grenade Thermo Detonator making it ideal for focused ‘High Intensity Interval Training’ sessions and for training later in the afternoon or early evening.

When your facing the complex issue of trying to get rid of body fat, you cant just come at it from one angle as the body constantly adapts to change in one or two metabolic routines. So when considering all of these angles the Grenade team came up with the formula for Black Ops.

The first thing to think about when developing such product is to mobilize

Fat from cells. This is affected by Caffeine, which is a must have product in any such product. To then ensure that the fat gets eliminated and not just stored back in the cells you must increase the body’s metabolic rate. This is achieved by using Green tea extract, which is proven to have great results from clinical studies.

The other ingredients in the formula then influence the right hormones and chemical messengers in the body. Making this the most powerful Grenade product yet.

Grenade AT4 Anabolic Devastation

AT4 Anabolic Devastation has been developed to support the body’s hormonal axis. This improvement in hormonal support is expected to provide an environment for enhanced exercise performance, muscle pumps, recovery and muscle mass. It has been formulated by the multi award-winning specialists that make up the Grenade team, to transform your body’s anabolic environment. To achieve maximum strength and muscle mass, it’s not enough to just hit the weights hard and get in all of your calories and protein. Your body must achieve the right hormonal balance to ensure that you recover well from all the hard training and all of that nutrition is directed to muscular recovery and repair.

AT4 contains the latest, research-led ingredients in clinically tested doses ensuring that no stone is left unturned when it comes to providing your body with all the crucial factors in supporting muscle mass, recovery and muscle pumps. It is manufactured using rapid dispersal capsule technology to ensure fast and complete delivery of the high-quality system into your body.

Grenade Reload Protein Flapjacks

These flapjacks are a convenient way to consume high quality protein in between meal times. With each 70g bar containing over 22% of protein, using a tri-source protein blend. They also contain sustained release carbs, and no added sugars- meaning they contain only naturally occurring fruit sugars. With only 3% fat these flapjacks keep unwanted calories to a minimum in this GREAT TASTING, Oven baked Bar.

Grenade 50 Calibre

50 Calibre is grenades powder form pre-workout supplement used to give your workout out that extra kick required to perform at your very best in your workouts. It contains over 20 university-tested ingredients, in high potency dosages. 50 Calibre has been formulated by experts after evaluating and considering every possible natural component to enhance physical performance.

50 Calibre contains large doses of Citrulline Malate, which is the most proven N.O Boosting amino acid, Beta Vulgaris, Flavanol-rich Theobroma Cocao and numerous other effective ingredients that support muscular blood flow. Of course no pre-workout product would be complete without beta alanine, caffeine and creatine. These ingredients are backed by thousands of scientific studies in exercise performance. Bicarbonate electrolytes are also added to resist the energy sapping effects of lactic acid, and BCAAs are added for anti-catabolic support. With all these ingredients 50 Calibre is the ultimate pre-workout ammunition for better exercise performance.

Grenade Engage

Engage is Grenades 100% stable and absorbable phosphate-bonded creatine supplement. It incorporates Creatine Glycerol phosphate, or ‘CGP’ as its primary ingredient. Engage use stable molecules that do not break down into the useless by-product creatine often creates when exposed to liquid or acid enviroments, yet it significantly increases ATP regeneration, thus prolonging muscular endurance.

Grenade Killa Ketones

Killa Ketones are the newest addition to the Grenade range, predominantly being aimed at the female market. Whether you want more energy and fat loss or want to lose inches off your body, Killa Ketones is the ultimate tailor-made product for your unique metabolic needs.

After researching all possible herbal and nutritional fat loss ingredients that could be compatible with fat oxidation in females, the Grenade team came across Ketones, CLAs and L-Carnitine and a way to include them in their products in seriously high doses. This made it possible for them to come up with the exclusive formula used in every pack of Killa Ketones.

With fat being stored in different places in women than men and them generally carrying less muscle mass they naturally have a higher body fat percentage and use less fat for fuel. All of these facts became key when considering the formula behind Killa Ketones and the Grenade team cam up with the perfect balance in this product to optimize fat loss.

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