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High 5

High 5 nutrition is a leading brand in sports nutrition and they sell high quality products for this industry. High 5 currently fuel some of the world’s best athletes with bars, gels and drinks. High 5 aim to help you perform at your best with their latest developments in sports science used to produced their products.

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High 5 as a Brand

High 5 are a UK Based company that is run by athletes. They have years of racing experience and have been involved in some of the worlds toughest events over the years. Its from there own experience that they know how important it is to get your nutrition intake levels right and what it takes to make a great sports product. Their close links with universities and university research have made their products truly great. Their products will help you perform at your best know matter what sport you choose.

Sports Science

High 5 are always looking for new leads in sports science to help you race further and go faster. They were the first to provide 2:1 fructose energy drinks. Research shows that 2:1 drinks enhance performance gains. They create step-by-step nutrition guides to help developing athletes looking to achieve their goals.  They also launched a 4:1 ratio protein drink to use after endurance sports. They were also the first company in the world to take absorption testing with athletes and they were the first to use fruit juice in their gels. Sports nutrition is about getting ahead in technology and making the products taste great as well.

Product Testing

High 5 test their products and get athletes feedback on a regular basis. They will continue to do so as long as they are in existence, as they believe feedback is a key factor behind good products. High 5 nutrition is the brand that everyone wants and they have been that brand that everyone wants at over 150 races and events across the UK for years. When High 5 attend races and events they like their team to be on course helping support every one taking part. That’s when athletes need their nutrition more than most, when it’s getting dark and the race is coming to an end. High 5 have been producing these outstanding products for over 20 years and have already helped many athletes reach their goals.


High 5 have manufactured a large portion of their products on site to BRC standards.  They choose their manufacturers specifically to ensure their products meet their high standards. These manufactures are a part of informed sport and High 5 ensure no banned substances are used at these facilities. Some High 5 products contain caffeine. As well as standard microbe and nutritional testing, selected High 5 products are randomly batch tested for WADA banned substances by an accredited lab team.

After 18 years High 5 are still producing and selling world-class nutrition to thousands of elite athletes, no athlete has tested positive for using drugs when using High 5 nutrition.

High 5 Hydration

Staying hydrated is important especially during exercise, you can loose up to 500ml water in just half an hour of exercise. Electrolytes are also lost through sweat and these need to be replaced in order to perform. Your performance will suffer if your body weight drops by just 2% of losing fluids. High 5 drinks maintain hydration and contain a high level of electrolytes. There is something for every cyclist within the high 5 hydrations range.

High 5 Endurance

Elite athletes have used the high 5 energy bars, energy source and energy gels to give them the best endurance levels. These products get them through the toughest of events as they boost attention, concentration and reaction time. These products also give you a caffeine fix, which makes you more awake, alert and filled with energy perfect for when you are training or in an event. High 5 want you to perform at your best and they provide the best sports products to help you do so.        

High 5 After Sport

Just because you have finished your exercise for the day it doesn’t mean your nutritional regime has finished. If you want to maintain your fitness level then use of good recovery products are essential. High 5 produces a High 5 protein recovery powder and bar, which is just that. They will truly help you to maintain your level of fitness and keep you feeling great.

Scientific research and testing

Research has shown that drinking slow absorbing calorie sports drinks, instead of normal carbohydrates sports drinks during exercise you can increase your body fat loss by up to 41%. If you use high 5 nutrition guides on a day-to-day basis before you are due to take part in an event, you can produce 15% more power so that you can race faster, with no additional training. Also by following their event day guides as you will learn ways of increasing your capabilities for endurance, speed and power. 

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