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Isatori produce a range of sports supplements to provide the requirements needed for different sporting or physical aims. Their products cover building muscle, losing fat, sports performance and fitness & recovery.

More Info

What’s in a Name?

‘Satori’ is a Japanese word; it means to have an “Awakening” – The type of realisation that once you have the answers, everything seems possible. In Isatori’s case this means building a ‘better body’. The ‘I’ was added to the brand name to make it more personal, as transformations begin within. So came the birth of the name ‘Isatori’.

Modern World

In today’s modern society, information is constantly available. From televisions and radios to magazines and gossiping, especially when it comes to creating a better you. Unfortunately in the fitness industry there is a lot of ‘Bad information’. This information that tends to be untruthful, half lies or mixed messages seems to be constantly thrown about in the media and in conversations between friends, causing the truth to fall out of circulation.

The consumer market has become aggravated and often disgusted by some deceitful marketing tactics used by some supplement companies. Isatori vow to bring customers the Honest-to-goodness truth and help deliver them a voice of reason. In an industry that is overwhelmed by overhyped and underperforming brands and products and “quick fixes”, Isatori decided that ‘Enough was enough’.

Vowing the Truth

Isatori vowed to help bring common sense back into the industry, where common sense wasn’t too common at all. After they assessed a few carefully constructed products alongside some top medical doctors and nutritional biochemists, Isatori was formed in late 2001 and now remains as a total solution to help individual build their best bodies and healthy minds.

Their Mission

Isatori made it their mission to create the most loved, most talked about, well respected and sought after Nutritional brand of products and solutions to building better bodies and living stronger, healthier and richer lives. Using their past experience of the market, Isatori used educational materials, the Internet and direct to consumer solutions centre, enabling customers to share their messages and information with the company and other consumers. They begun spreading the message of proper use of dietary supplements, weight training and nutrition philosophies combined with great motivational tactics, Isatori quickly came up with their ‘winning formula’.

Built on Integrity

Isatori has been built on integrity; it is the trust earnt with every step we take in pursuit of helping consumers achieve their better body goals. Using the finest selection of ingredients to formulate their supplements their products really are some of the purest and some of the best. They also actively take part in clinical studies, forming the basis of their truth behind their product aims.

Keep it truthful

As Isatori focus on the truth behind their products and the market where they’re placed, we believe they are truly a great brand. Good companies don’t lie and with Isatori performing as one of the companies leading the way on truth of the market they really have become one of the best at it. With their no hype approach to marketing they only provide products that do as they say on the tub meaning there are no false claims from this great company. This is why we selected Isatori to feature in our brand list.

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