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Kinetica is a leading brand of innovative sports nutrition and fitness supplements. They have grown to be a leading brand in the industry and are widely used by sports people.

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In the Beginning

Kinetica’s roots lead back to a dairy production business in Ireland, with the brand itself being launched in 2009. Since then it has successfully established its name in the UK, Ireland and various other International markets. They are dedicated to producing a wide range of sports nutrition supplements that taste great and can be completely trusted. All of their products are backed by extensive expertise and this is a key factor of the core of the Kinetica Brand.

Before Kinetica

Kinetica’s Parent companies were active producers of Whey Protein and their ingenuity has been harnessed by Kinetica, along with their expertise to devise their core range of products that include condition-enhancing supplements. They create a wide range of products from Whey protein Isolate to Hydrolysed Whey Protein. It is the different absorption rates of the different protein types that make them attract different people. Their commitment to providing sports nutrition products that perform at their best has no bounds.


Kinetica’s products have great benefit from the expertise it has received from its parent company. Their parent company was a farmer-owned cheese factory based in Ireland, from where fresh dairy whey was produced. Using their 30 years of experience as innovators in the whey protein industry. Its Kinetica’s close relationship with their parent company that makes their endorsements credible, artfully engineered and unrivalled in the industry.

Kinetica also have close association and partnerships with leading teams and organizations such as Bradford Bulls, Hampshire Cricket, London Irish and Triathlon Ireland to name but a few.

Kinetica Recipes

Kinetica also provide their customers with great tasting recipes using their high quality good-for-you products. These recipes include Protein Brownies, Protein Cheesecake, Protein truffles and a Kinetica Snicker bar and many, many more.

Brand Brilliance

All in all Kinetica is a brilliant brand and producer of these sports nutrition supplements. Kinetica is abrand that you can trust to provide the results they claim. Get on your way to feeling and looking better with some Kinetica

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