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Lucozade Elite


Lucozade Elite is the next generation of products from Lucozade for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. There are lots of different products from this range , which consist of drinks, gels, flapjacks, bars and jellybeans.

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About Lucozade Elite

Lucozade sport has evolved and Lucozade have adapted their formula to suit the needs of varying lifestyles. In 2010 Lucozade released their diet hydration drink Lucozade Sport Lite, which is a low in calories. This drink is designed for people who don’t exercise as often or as intensely and it provides an active solution to hydration. It also contains sources of vitamin B, which helps to control the release of energy in the body.

This product formed the initial idea for the Elite range, and is why there is only one product in the Lucozade lite range. The development of the Lucozade Elite products came in handy to celebrate 21 years of working with the premier league. Lucozade Sport Elite actively target hydration levels and performance in both training and during an event. Professional athletes have already approved all their Elite Range.

Elite Sports Drink

This sports drink is an exceptional blend duel fuel system, which offers an optimal glucose/fructose ratio, which will ensure you get energy delivered to your body when it needs it most. Experts have developed these Elite sports drinks to fuel you when training. Its scientifically developed carbohydrate system delivers 40% more fuel than any other sports drink, giving you more energy to get you through your workout or sporting event.

Elite Gel

This energy gel provides an energy boost when you need it most, whether you are an elite athlete or a fitness enthusiast you can carry this when in training or in a competition ready to take when you need that energy boost to get you through.

Elite Flapjack

This product is designed to help you recover after you have completed an intense training session or event. It provides 14 grams of high quality protein that will help to restore and rebuild your muscles. It is ideal to eat one of these bars straight after a workout in order to help you rebuild, restore and recover your muscles.

Elite Fuel Bar

This product is a tasty snack that you can consume any time during the day. This flavoured snack bar is covered with yoghurt and underneath is a bar mixed with berries.  For this bar to give you maximum fuel the best time to consume it is either before or after exercise.

Elite Jellybeans

When you need fuel on the go jellybeans are the perfect choice as they are easy to fit in your pocket or bag.  One bag contains 113 calories, which is perfect to fuel your workout and give you that energy you need.  40% more carbs a day will make you feel more energized and lucozade elite products will help you fuel your day. Jellybeans are a perfect tasty snack that will satisfy your cravings, as they are sweets and everyone loves sweets. These jellybeans can help you train longer and harder. 

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