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Lucozade produce a range of energy products including sports drinks. They are a well-known brand and their range includes different products ranging from sports drinks to energy shots.

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Lucozade History

Lucozade formally named “Glucozade” was manufactured in 1927 by William Owen. William Owen was a chemist from Newcastle, who worked for several years trying to produce an energy source for those who were unwell. Japanese company Suntory now owns Lucozade, after they purchased the company from the GSK Group. The Royal Forest Factory in Gloucestershire is currently where Lucozade products are produced in the UK. It was GlaxoSmithKline that had produced Lucozade products up until 2013.

Lucozade have been carrying out nutritional research for over 30 years, and have set up their own scientific institute and team known as The Lucozade Sports Science Academy. In 1984 Lucozade begun using plastic bottles for their products and UK sales tripled to almost 75 million pounds. Their slogan at the time was ‘Lucozade, Replaces Lost Energy’.

In 2013 the Japanese company, Suntory, acquired both lucozade and Ribena. This purchase cost Suntory a whopping 1.35 million, but was a worthy investment. Lucozade are the official sports nutrition supplier of the association of tennis professionals and lawn tennis association.

Purpose of the Sports Drinks

Sports drinks are used to help enhance performance and endurance when exercising, as well as keeping an athlete hydrated. Lots of people have relied on Lucozade for a long time and it seems to please a lot of customers with its results.

Lucozade Energy

Lucozade Energy was the first product produced by Lucozade, and it was first produced by GSK. It provided 750 calories of energy in a bottle, with only 64.4 grams of carbs. This first Lucozade product also included 65.4 grams of glucose meaning their combinations of energy sources are some of the best. Lucozade say that it provides an adult with their daily sugar needs. It now comes in a variety of flavours from their original glucose flavour to strawberry.

Lucozade Sport

Lucozade sport is Lucozade’s isotonic energy drink that is still and fruit-based.  This product is designed for use during physical sport activities that could consist of a workout or sporting event. This products sugar is reduced by 70% in comparison to Lucozade energy. Lucozade Sport also comes in a variety of flavours including orange, lemon and lime, raspberry, mango and passion fruit, cherry and Caribbean burst.

Lucozade Sport Lite

Lucozade sport lite is a deliciously tasting, low calorie sports drink that has been manufactured to give your workout session a boost with only 50 calories per serving. This low calorie sports drink is lower than most sports drinks and is ideal for those who desire a lower calorie intake. It’s an ideal choice for any workout or sports event that lasts under 60 minutes and it will help you get more from your workout. Its formula is designed to deliver fluid and electrolytes that will keep you properly hydrated during your physical activity. This sports drink also contains vitamin B, which is used for energy release giving you that burst of energy, when you need it most. Lucozade sport lite comes in 3 delicious flavours that consist of lemon and lime, orange and cherry.





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