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Maxi nutrition started in 1995 as maximuscle and now is the UKs number one supplier of sports nutrition supplements.  Whether you want to gain size and strength, improve a high protein diet or develop lean definition, then Maxi-Nutrition has a product to help you.

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 The growth of Maxi-Nutrition

Maxi nutrition has grown over the years and as part of the Glaxo Smith Kline industry is continuing to grow rapidly. Maxi nutrition is committed to helping you achieve your physical goals As the UKs number one sports nutrition supplier. Their research is effective in developing the formulas used for their products therefore they deliver the best formulas and products to help you achieve your fitness goals.

They ensure that their products have the best taste and get scientific research support to ensure their products are safe and consumable whilst stilling holding the same great fitness properties. They have already helped so many people worldwide from elite Olympians to recreational gym enthusiasts, helping them to achieve their maximum potential and goals. Maxi-Nutrition aim to help you gain muscle, loose excess fat, recover faster and keep your body well nourished with the vitamins it needs to perform at its very best. Maxi-Nutrition has one of the widest ranges in the sports nutrition industry, including all the products that can be found in this category.

Product Production

Maxi-nutrition have been specifically selected their ingredients and techniques to produce formulated products through a regular approval process. Each member of the Maxi-nutrition team operates to high standard of health, hygiene and food safety, which is verified by audits taken at all of the Maxi-Nutrition establishments.  The products produced are tested for any banned substances and tried and tested by professional sports people to ensure they are of maximum quality.

New to Nutrition

Sports nutrition has become an important factor in many peoples daily routine, and it is not only important for those serious about sports and performance, but also for the recreational users of gyms and sports people. High quality protein products are key to help maximize lean muscle growth, muscle recovery, muscle strength, toning up and achieving your personal goals. Maxi-nutrition understands this and ensures that all of their protein products use only the highest quality proteins in their formulas.

Recover + Rebuild range

The recover and rebuild range from Maxi-Nutrition are aimed at people who require that little bit extra help when recovering after exercise. Often this range is used by people who are looking to achieve a perfect cover model look. The products are mainly used for toning and maintaining your physique, or general help in post exercise recovery.

These products help your body’s recovery process by supplying the body with high quality amino acids and protein to help rebuild the body’s tissue rapidly, enabling you to return to training with your muscle capabilities returned to their optimum form. This range includes products such as Promax and Promax extreme protein shakes, Promax amino acids, Promax bars, protein milk and protein milk extreme. All of these products contain only the highest quality protein.

Strength + Power range

This range of products from Maxi-Nutrition has been specifically designed for people wanting to build lean muscle, increase strength and muscle size. These products are also ideal for those who struggle to put on weight or size. This range balances your body’s proteins, energy and creatine levels targeting micronutrient balance improving muscle efficiency. This range includes everything from your All-In-One powders to great tasting bars. The products in this range are Cyclone and All-in-One protein shakes, Creatamax extreme and Creatamax 300 (both creatine based products), cyclone bars and a range of capsules.

Mass + Size range

This range of products from maxi-nutrition has been specifically designed for those who want to increase their muscle but struggle with the right calorie intake. This range delivers protein and calories that your body requires for making gains in muscle and weight. The products included in this range are the very best way to reach your target weight and size, using the right combination of muscle building calories in both powders and bars. The products in this range are Progain, Progain extreme and gainer (which are all protein shakes) and Progain bars (which are nutritional sports snacks).

Lean Definition Range

The products in the lean definition range are ideal for people looking to achieve a lean muscle physique using sensible nutrition and a balanced diet. To help you achieve your lean definition goals the products in this range contain caffeine and green tea extracts. The products in this range are Promax lean (which is a protein shake), Promax lean bar (which is a tasty protein bar) and a variety of capsules.

Snacking Range

The products in this range allow a user to maintain their balanced diet whilst snacking in between low calorie meals. Snacking with these products can give you full control of your nutrition intake, with each product specifically formulated with fitness goals in mind. The products in this range are Promax Lean Bars, Progain Bars, Promax Bars and Cyclone Bars.

Wellbeing Range

Maxi-nutrition also provide the market with a well being range that helps users to perform at their best on a day-to-day basis. This range provides you with the protein required to maintain the correct levels intended for your daily intake. The proteins used are released slowly throughout the day using fat free protein milks. These products make for great tasting and refreshing shakes coming in a variety of delicious flavours. Each bottle is packed with 20 grams of protein goodness, helping to keep your muscles in tiptop condition. They contain a blend of skimmed milk proteins that naturally contain whey and BCAAs and is fat free with no added sugars. A great option for an on the go refreshing drink.

Why choose Maxi-Nutrition

Maxi Nutrition are experts in protein science and this is where their heart lies as a protein-led nutrition company. They love helping their customers achieve their training goals and their formulas are proven by scientific research by sports science specialists. The main aim of Maxi-Nutrition is to transform the strength in protein into the strength in life, making you truly stronger

Maxi nutrition's main aim is to transform the strength in protein into the strength in life, making you stronger. 

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