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 Maxi fuel has a great range of nutritional products and it’s become a well-known brand in the sports nutrition industry. They produce a range of different endurance products that complement each other to helping both elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts get through their exercise regime.

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Maxi Fuel History

Maxi Fuel was founded in 1995 and started as a range of products from the Maxi-Nutrition range. Their main products help athletes with both energy and recovery, which are called Viper and Recovermax.  Maxi Nutrition has become a main face in the sports nutrition industry as they produce products for every type of sport.

Maxi fuel products include new and improved ingredients and formulas. They are also creating a new independent drug-screening program and are working with leading sports scientists and nutritionists to become Europe’s number one sports nutrition provider. Every batch of products they produce is screened for banned substances and the test always come up clear.

Maxi fuel is now the official supplier for the British Triathlon at a number of events, which include London and Blenheim Triathlons and London Duathlon. They have doubled in size since they descended from the team Maximuscle, which means their commissions will continuously increase.


The manufacturing partners that produce the maxi fuel products have a strict approval process in order for the product to be deemed as suitable and safe. Every manufacturing facility is operated under strict standards of health, hygiene and food safety. This is verified by a series of audits by both GSK and external accreditation schemes.

Focus System

Their Focus system aims to boost mental and physical energy that gives you the most effective sports performance ability. This will help you to perform at your very best in training and in events. It combines stimulants such as Caffeine, Guarana and Taurine with energizing fast and slow release carbohydrates, which are proven to enhance performance. 

This range of products includes boost bars, gels and capsules that are designed to meet the needs of athletes and fitness enthusiasts before or during training and events.  These products are specifically designed to provide you with optimum focus, energy and drive that are needed to explode into action.

Energy System

Their energy range is specially designed to help improve you energy levels for performance in physical and sporting activities. The products in this range contain scientific blends of maltodextrin and dextrose combined with high performance electrolytes and branched chain amino acids that provide you with extra energy and improve levels of endurance, meaning you can perform at optimum form for longer periods. These products also keep your body well hydrated, leading to faster recovery and reduced chances of fatigue.

Recovery System

Their recovery system is a one of a kind, range of post workout products, which help you get back to your best following a workout. Their recovery range products contain a high quality blend of biomax, whey protein, carbs, amino acids and other key nutrients. All of the ingredients in this range of products actively help to repair muscle tissue. The range includes a variety of different products from blended drinks to capsules, and they are all designed with specific motives for recovery. 

Why maxi fuel?

Maxi-fuel is the official nutrition distributer to the British Triathlon and has attended a number of events over the years. They’re extremely popular in the entire sports nutrition industry and they have been around since 1995 but they were developed by Maximuscle initially. This means, over the years they have perfected the ingredients they use in their products making them work better to help you reach your fitness goals. 

Maxi fuel are committed as a company to providing proven, safe and effective products that will help you achieve and exceed your fitness ability during your exercise regime. All Maxi fuel products are based on research and are designed by the industry leading nutritionists. You can use any Maxi fuel products whether you are an elite athlete or a fitness enthusiast. Their range includes something for everyone and that’s a fact. The Maxi fuel range delivers 3 sports nutrition focuses, helping you to focus, increase energy levels and stimulate a better recovery process. Their sports systems all compliment each other and  have been designed specifically to do this, which is why todays demanding athletes use and rely on their products. Maxi fuel is designed to push every fitness enthusiast including elite athletes to the max and deliver the power of success. Take your fitness regime to the next level with the elite sports science of maxi fuel. 


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