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Maxi-tone as part of the Glaxo Smith Kline range; produce a number of sports and health well being supplements aimed for use by females. These products have various different weight loss and toning formulas aimed to help design a better you starting from the inside out.

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Maxitone understand that you want to try and live your life to the fullest, working, socialising and juggling those family commitments. It is still important for you to make time to exercise regularly, and Maxitone are there to help you look and feel great. Maxitone want to inspire you to improve your results from exercise by providing you with nutrition to compliment your healthy lifestyle perfectly.

Whether it’s toning up or burning fat from those more visible areas, Maxitone will be there to help you get into shape whilst boosting your confidence. All Maxitone products are based on science and have been specifically designed to fit perfectly into your lifestyle whatever it may be. Maxitone do not provide quick fixes or fads, they provide safe, no nonsense approaches to achieving those long-term results that you desire.

Maxitone explains Protein

Protein is a key macronutrient in our food that the body needs for most functions as well as providing the body with the building blocks needed for structural cells such as skin, hair and nails. Protein is also used to make up the body’s muscle tissue, which in turn is what helps to keep an active body strong, toned and healthy.

Maxitone understands the difficulty to work out how much of each food group we should be in taking. It is made even more difficult when one week we are told we should be eating something that was previously bad for us in earlier weeks. Everyone’s diets will include some protein, especially if your diet includes rich food sources such as meat and fish. A lot of people do not realise that your body’s protein requirements increase when you live an active lifestyle. It is common for ladies to not meet their optimal protein needs; this can lead to ineffective recovery following intense exercise. This can directly affect and hinder our fitness and body toning goals.

Maxitone Weight Loss Formula

Looking to lose inches? Want to get into better shape? If these questions match you then this is the product range for you. This range is designed to be complimentary to a healthy diet and regular exercise. Its products provide over 30% protein whilst having balanced vitamin and mineral profiles. Some of these products also include products such as green tea extract and L-Carnitine, these ingredient help to increase your body’s metabolism rates therefore assisting your fat loss and digestion. These products make planning your diet easier as you can correctly manage the intakes you are receiving from these products really simply. Other products in this range contain caffeine, which also assist in speeding up the digestive and fat burner rates in the body, as well as B vitamins and herbal extracts that together increase your focus and support your active lifestyle.

Maxitone Toning Formula

So not everyone is looking to lose weight, some of you will have already reached your ideal weight but may still not be happy with your body shape. For toning and shaping up the Definity range is perfect for you. Some of the Definity products are designed to be used directly after exercise or spread across the entire day to provide extra protein needed to meet those daily protein needs, while supporting those toning goals.

What else do Maxitone provide?

Maxitone try to provide their users with the entire service so offer you more than just supplements.

  • Provide meal plans - Helping you to keep your diet on track, whilst providing inspiration and tasty ideas.


  • Provide Exercise Plans – Maxitone want to provide their customers with exercise plans to motivate them to reach their goals.


  • Provide online support and social media discussions


  • Provide tips and stories from people like you.

Maxitone Selected for Quality

Maxitone has been selected to feature in our range of products thanks to its excellent quality. This range is delivered by Glaxo Smith Kline as part of the Maxi-Nutrition range, who has all their products proven by results. Taking all of these great factors into hand along with its great tasting convenience across their entire range, and the affordability of the range it has been selected as part of our range of quality products from quality brands.

Lky7 Sports look to only provide the very best quality products.

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