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MRI provides supplements and shakes for use in the gym and other sports activities. These products focus on Strength, Performance and Endurance, meaning they cover all areas of the sporting industry.

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Who is MRI?

MRI stands for Medical Research Institute and was founded in 1997 to help development of nutraceuticals that combine active ingredients with modern delivery technology. This creates the safest and most advanced in effectiveness for performance supplements in the industry. They continue to work to push the industry’s technology and science, and are constantly developing their products thanks to their research findings on a growing number of product categories.

They ensure that their products only make it to the shops if they have been proven to improve human metabolism and positively affect the body in its transformations of body composition and physical performance. All MRI products are kept to the high standards of the industry for both quality and safety of their products. All of their products are produces at audited facilities that follow strict rules set by the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practice Guidelines. Their effective products and formulas have been tested for ingredient purity and integrity and they hold good relationships with NSF and the Banned Substances Control Group, these are all non-profit organisations that randomly test certain products and they all certify our facilities.


If you are looking to build strength, then you must truly be training at peak performance in every workout. If your training sessions don’t get you fully applied then you may as well not do them when it comes to strength. Just doing the actions is a waste of time and effort. Your performance during training and workouts is what determines whether you remain the same or experience constant strength gains. The strength series of MRI products have been hand selected for their amazing capabilities and the impact they have on your body from training, helping to repair your body tissue and replenish your energy supplies.

From their line of products in this range they have come up with an ideal stack for the generation of pure muscle-power output leading to progressive gains in strength.

  • NO2 Black
  • Anabolic Switch
  • Pro-NOS

NO2 Black

There are a few products that bear the NO2 Black name and NO2 Black Full Cycle is the most advanced yet. It offers two different forms of L-Arginine and Citrulline Malate. It also features the powerful combination of L-Norvaline and ActiNOS, which helps the body create more NOS. From the moment you take it to your last serving of the cycle it helps feed, fuel, protect and generate more muscle. And you might be excited to know that MRI is still continuing to develop this formula and improve the NO2 Legacy.

Anabolic Switch

Anabolic Switch features 7 forms of creatine that are all highly anabolic. They enter the bloodstream and flood the muscles at varying rates, this means as the effect of one creatine starts to fade, the next one gets to work. This creates a sequential wave for the improved effect of creatine availability. It truly helps applied athletes in their hard training sessions, letting them stay in the growth inducing anabolic phase.


Pro NOS is MRI’s is the formula of their NOS-fuelled protein and it ingeniously incorporates the ACTINOS whey fraction. This formula has been engineered to increase the levels of nitric oxide by 950%. Each and every shake ignites a flood of circulation, delivering the core amino acids directly to the growing muscle. Pro NOS represents the upper level of performance protein technology. It amounts to pure strength in a jug.


MRI’s performance range is all about the forward momentum of training. It focuses on the consumer continuously setting, achieving and surpassing goals. This range aims and achieves to help many beat their personal bests and any one using these product can truly surpass there own expectations, in each and every training session.

It’s your performance in every training session and workout that determines whether you make constant improvements physically and mentally. They have developed a stack that supports maximum performance in both the gym and on the field.

CE2 Hi-Def

CE2 Hi-Def is MRI’s formula to delivering fast absorbing ester creatine, helping to power those working muscles. THERMO-RK is the ingredient in this formula that helps to break down and release intracellular fat, which is utilized for performance fuel. It combines a calculated dose of Beta Alanine with Creatine, which causes an amplification of its effects. Beta Alanine is widely known for supporting muscle endurance.

Black Powder

Black Powder’s powerful nutrients have been carefully selected to enhance performance for specific metabolic targets. The final result of this is a performance enhancing, intensity provoking cellular explosion of training support that is all driven by ACTINOS2 IR technology. This technology launches and delivers an instant blast of nitric oxide. Your body’s nitric oxide levels can be increased by up to 950%, instantly. This drives all precision nutrients directly to your muscle cells for enhanced power performance.

Pro-NOS also features in this range as well as the strength range as its direct delivery of high quality protein is at its best.


If you are looking to achieve peak endurance fitness then you will require highly specialized and demanding training protocols. Every training session actively targets to body and mind helping them endure longer and longer sessions of gruelling top-flight performance. To really achieve optimum capabilities an athlete must push through fatigue and pain to both outpace and outlast any competition, defeating their own demons within.

This highly specialised endeavour requires an equally specialised supplement regime. MRI’s top quality line up was expertly selected to promote extended levels of endurance and hyper-accelerated recovery. This range features the previously mentioned NO2 Black and Pro-NOS. Both of these formulas are truly at their best for the delivery of their required effects. This range also includes a further product called WAR Workout Anabolic Recovery.

WAR Workout Anabolic Recovery

This high quality supplement from MRI aggressively targets cellular heat shock proteins to help support and enhance recovery from the inside out. WAR releases its Crea-Charge and Waxy Maize blends to achieve its high quality results. Crea-Charge is the delivery of two forms of creatine that help ramp up your power output, whilst the Waxy Maize is what supplies the body with a super-efficient source of fuel for training.

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