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Mulebar is the benchmark for natural, great tasting food for energy. Their products fuel cyclists, runners, triathletes and all outdoor sports people for their sporting endeavors.

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Who is Mulebar?

Mulebar is a Uk based company whose head office is based up on the downs in Wiltshire and their office has been given the memorable name “The Stable”. The creators of this company are two men called Alex and Jimmy, who are both active recreational sports enthusiasts.

The company was born following a climbing trip in 2002, where the two mind found that they could just not stomach any more of the energy bars that their guides were supplying them. Following this, the two men spent some years making both good and bad prototypes in their own kitchens and they literally peddled these around the country themselves to get people to try them.

After many years of this, the stable door was finally opened in 2007 and from there the Mulebar range has grown. The company and its owners are passionate about food, and they believe that their products shine with that passion. They have 5 simple guidelines that they keep to when they are developing and producing their products and they are:

  • Nature
  • Taste
  • Performance
  • Enviroment
  • Simplicity

The Full Story of the Birth

The Mulebar story begun in the Andes in 2002. Tourist guides had been supplying the owners with a range of different bars on their trip, and they were not reacting so well with their stomachs. They thought to themselves instantly, “we can make better energy bars than these at home”.

This thought travelled home with them after their journey and they begun making prototypes in their kitchens at home. They pedalled these samples across the country themselves, to different races and events asking people to try their recipes. One trip saw them ride to the Trans-Scotland stage race and another to the Cape Epic. They kept testing and changing their recipes and continued turning up to races and events, being told their bars were much better than ones being sold. This was there real light bulb moment, where they realised they could make great success of this.

They soon teamed up with Matt Lovell, who was England RFU’s nutritional advisor at that time. With him they spent more long hours cooking up different prototypes, improving the bars every time for both quality and taste. They found that there prototypes were delivering more and more energy each and every type they developed it.

Fuel For Adventure

Mulebar has now travelled across the world on so many different endeavors, it has summited Everest, Ridden the Absa Cape Epic, Journeyed the 2009-2011 Tour of Britain and the list goes on. The key point to capture here is that their products are fuel for your adventures.

Mulebar don’t just care passionalty about food, they also care where the food and its ingrediants come from and the impact it has on the whole environment. They were the first Uk company to use compostable wrappers and the believe in keeping the planet healthy.

Why Mulebar?

The market is crowded by lots of different energy bars who claim to be the best and the tastiest, but we can give you great reason why to choose mulebar.


  • Mulebars taste great, try one if you don’t believe. Mulebar know this sounds silly because a lot of energybars taste and feel similar to cardboard
  • Mulebar products are a natural energy source
  • Their products use organic and fairtrade ingrediants wherever possible
  • Recognisable ingrediants


  • Their products are tested by themselves and others, including champion athletes
  • Don’t be fooled by the packaging- the products are all fine tuned to help your body perform at a high level


  • Wrappers are compostable
  • Members of the 1% for the planet
  • Passionate about their ecological footprint

Customers & Press :

  • They are Customer approved
  • Press approved

Whos Using Mulebar?:

  • World’s top athetes – Tour de france winners, Ultraman racers, Ironman competitiors and Triathletes…the list goes on….


Mulebar was founded for adventure, and so it has been on many. It sounds simple, and it is because so many people love simple when it comes to having fun with friends and family. Along their journey, they have come across many incredible people all committed to training hard and meeting their physical goals. Those people have been the true inspiration behind Mulebar and they try to help them all directly by fuelling their adventures. They have been nicknamed the Mules, since they have carried our bars across the planet spreading the great news and beliefs of Mulebar.

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