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MusclePharm is a lead producer of muscle and fitness supplements. They are an American company who have rapidly spread their borders and have now travelled across the water to be on sale in the UK.

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They are not just a company built up of business men and women. The company consists of people who live fitness, who embrace the athletic lifestyle in every walk of life. To make sure that they kept their visions aligned, their executive team and owner collaborated together to produce their mission statement. Their mission statement is more than just that, it is a promise from MusclePharm to you, to the consumer market of athletes who rely on our services and products.

They are committed to developing and bringing scientifically advanced, safe nutritional and sports supplements to the industry. Every MusclePharm product has been created to enhance athletic performance, strength and the overall personal health of a user. All of their product formulas are free of any banned substances, as they believe that a healthy body should be as natural as possible. Their team philosophy has the view that every product formula, will be believed in by us and by others in every day use.

MusclePharm Story

MusclePharm know and understand the importance that sports nutrition has on your body’s performance, as they use real science and they are real athletes themselves. The sports industry is plagued by companies that prey on young athletes ignorance. These companies over-hype their products that actually underperform on label claims. MusclePharm aim to remove the hype from the industry and only produce and provide clean products that work.

MusclePharm was started when an athlete found this issue with the industry himself. He became so frustrated with his supplements he was taking and their lack of results for performance as promised. He then vowed to himself that he would make it his mission to change the industry and other real products with real results.

The MusclePharm team is made up of some of the worlds most respected scientists, physicians, researchers, trainers and athletes as well as the owner himself, who’s has invested millions of dollars to make his break through in the industry. Together their quest is to produce superior sports products that are safe, free of banned substances, formulated, tested and certified under strict rules and conditions of the industry.

MusclePharm are proud to say that they don’t just make and sell the products; they live the lifestyle and use them too. MusclePharm is part of their daily routine. Their personal training takes place in a state-of-the-art performance facility built by the company to test and perfect its products. It using real life scenarios and training regimes to ensure the products are at optimum quality. The results of MusclePharm products are in our own lives as well as those of the professional athletes who use them. Don’t just take our word for it; examine their products for yourself.

Executive Team

The executive team of MusclePharm is made up of a number or people. Heading up this list is Brad Pyatt (CEO/Founder/Chairman). Brad founded the company in 2008 after playing professional American football for a number of years. Whilst he was an athlete he used a number of different supplements that he never really felt satisfied with. This gave him the idea and motivation to start his company MusclePharm. There are a number of other names who make up the MusclePharm Executive team and listed below are a few of them.

  • Cory Gregory (Co-founder/EVP Brand & Social Media)
  • Sydney Rollock (Chief Marketing Officer)
  • Gary Davis, CPA (Chief financial Officer)
  • Jeremy Deluca (President of sales and marketing)
  • Brent Baker (Senior vice president/International Business)
  • Derek West (Senior Vice President/[Food, Drug, Mass])

Award Winning Brand & Products

Over the years MusclePharm have won various different awards for their products and the brand itself. Below we have detailed these so you can see some of the great recognition this brand has already received from the industry.

▪   2009 NEW BRAND OF YEAR (MusclePharm Brand)

▪   2011 BREAKOUT BRAND OF YEAR (MusclePharm Brand)

▪   2011 NEW SUPPLEMENT OF YEAR (Assault)

▪   2011 PACKAGING OF THE YEAR (MusclePharm Brand)

▪   2012 BRAND OF YEAR (MusclePharm Brand)

▪   2012 PRE-WORKOUT OF YEAR (Assault)

▪   2012 PACKAGING OF THE YEAR (MusclePharm Brand)

▪   2012 GNC RISING STAR AWARD WINNER (MusclePharm Brand)




▪   2013: BEST PACKAGING OF THE YEAR (MusclePharm Brand)


▪   2013: RTD SUPPLEMENT OF THE YEAR (Muscle Gel Shot)

▪   2013: CLOTHING BRAND OF THE YEAR (MusclePharm Brand)


We believe that MusclePharm will continue to go on and perform at its peak, and continue winning different awards for its great work.

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