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Natures Energy

Nature’s Energy is a producer of healthy food products such as Peanut Butter. Their products are all natural meaning you get the best from their ingredients, without having any ingredients that have negative effects on the body.

More Info

Nature’s Energy’s Meridian Peanut butters are great sources of protein and energy. These natural tasting products don’t use palm oils and they contain 100% nuts with just a pinch of salt.

This company truly are Nuts about Nuts!

We as a species have been eating seeds and nuts since our hunter/gatherer ancestors walked the planet. They have been a valuable source of nutrition. Nature’s Energy has been making their products using nuts and seeds for over 30 years in their factory in north wales. Over this time they have learnt how deliciously healthy they are… So why are they NUTS ABOUT NUTS?

Nutty History

Nuts have featured in the human diet for thousands of years and are a great source of vegetable protein and energy. Although nuts contain oils and fat, a high percentage of these are better for heart health than the saturated fats found in animal products. Many nuts also contain nutrients that help with the reduction of cholesterol levels.

Nuts and seeds alike are a source of slow released energy, which means they are an excellent addition to a low Glycaemic load diet. This type of diet focuses on managing glucose levels in the blood. This type of diet can also be seen to target weight and help reduce the risk of type 2 Diabetes. Nuts can also be brilliant suppressors of appetite.

Nature’s Energy

With Nature’s energys experience and years of development, they have become great producers of natural food products. Their products taste great and feel great to eat. 

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