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Optimum Nutrition

Optimum Nutrition is a lead producer of sports and nutrition supplements. They are an extremely recognised brand that has a wide range of different products from weight gainers to vitamins.

More Info

Where it began

Optimum nutrition was founded by two brothers in 1987, Tony and Michael Costello. The company was originally names Costello’s Health Distributors, and the brothers realise very quickly that they could significantly improve the quality and innovation of the sports and nutrition industry. They made it their mission to provide products of consistent high quality to adults all over the world who too part in physical activity.

Their products offer the very best ingredients and taste great. They produce all of their products in top-notch facilities, and their product list has included award winning nutrition bars, protein powders, sports drinks, vitamins and essential minerals.

Top Quality

Optimum nutrition is extremely committed to quality, and this is made evident throughout their wide range of products. They take quality into consideration at every stage of the development process, as they want their products to be simply the best. Before anything happens in the production stage, Optimum Nutrition carefully select their suppliers of their raw materials, and they must all provide a certificate of analysis for each material as a measure of quality.

Everything is then tested by their own in house laboratory testing team, who use highly sophisticated equipment to do their studies. This equipment confirms the purity and potency of every ingredient they use. They also have quality assurance professional making routine checks on all areas of the facilities from storage to packing, and a final inspection is conducted daily. It’s these strict procedures that make Optimum Nutrition consistently perform as a first rate sports Nutrition Company.

Customer satisfaction

Ever since the birth of Optimum Nutrition in 1987, the customers have always been the number one priority for this company and they always will be. While they still value the importance of quality control, lab testing and manufacturing under strict conditions, they are all done for one reason – to provide the best quality supplements. They take pride in their customer loyalty.

Their product range is well known for its variety of great tasting flavours that are all easily mixed into delicious beverages. This includes the world’s best selling protein combination Gold Standard 100% Whey and Casein. They produce all of their products specifically to deliver outstanding results using the best research and technology to ensure these goals are met, to help their customers reach their goals.

Optimum Nutrition is trusted by some of the worlds top sports stars when looking to achieve their goals and reach their full potential. Optimum Nutrition are now official sports nutrition partners with the 2009 Heineken cup winners Leinster, Northern Irish team Ulster and championship team The Cornish Pirates.

The Optimum Ranges

Optimum Nutrition provide a wide variety of ranges from products for recovery & carbohydrates to stacks to help aid you in your muscle and strength building endeavors, with all of their products performing at Optimum quality. Their products are not a chore to consume as they make so many great flavours making each and every supplement delight to take.

Optimum nutrition have already helped so many people, from professional athletes to recreational gym enthusiasts, with each and every one of them building themselves to perform at their peak. They would not have been able to reach and exceed those goals without the help they received from Optimum Nutrition.

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