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Powerbar creates some of the world best sports nutrition bars, for protein and energy. They provide users with that energy boost on the go, whether you are at the gym, even after a workout, you can use one of the Powerbar products anywhere as they are easy to store and very tasty.

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 Powerbar In History

PowerBar is an American brand founded in 1983, and they first produced energy bars before going on to produce other sports related products such as sports drinks and gels that benefit endurance sport athletes and a range of Pria bars that are targeted at women. Brian Maxwell, who was a Canadian athlete and entrepreneur, founded PowerBar. He worked alongside a man named Mike McCollum, who was a nutritionist. Mike spent a lot of his time working in the kitchen with his then girlfriend, Jennifer Biddulph who later became his wife.  They launched the company together in 1986, and it first cost them $55,000. Through development the company eventually earned $150 million in sales before it was purchased by Nestle in 2000 for $375 million. In 2007 powerbar moved its headquarters from Berkeley CA to Nestle Headquarters in Glendale, CA, where they now they have a totally new market team.

About Powerbar

Powerbar is a passionate company that dedicates their time to the development of sports nutrition, fitness, health and wellness. Powerbar was first created to help athletes reach fitness goals by providing convenient nutritional products, for protein and energy. All of their products are backed up by decades of sports nutrition science and research and they continue to live up to those high standards and meet the nutrition and energy need of all athletes. Powerbar products aim to support athletes and fitness enthusiasts by providing them with the nutrition they need during, before and after training, helping to ensure they achieve there goals and train to there best ability and even exceed there expectations. Powerbar aim to support every athlete and therefore produce products for everyone. They produce a wide range of different products from drinks and bars to shots and powders.

Science and Development

Powerbar is one of the best manufacturers in the world and they produce some of the worlds leading sports nutrition products at the highest quality. Their products are based on the latest scientific knowledge and research, which is used to develop them. The study team consists of staff at Nestle, Professional athletes and coaches, and some of the industry’s leading sports scientists. When Nestle took over Powerbar they begun doing and using a lot of research, development and technology to produce their high quality range of products, and they still use some of the same methods when creating new products. Their methods combine the research from their scientists with the needs of the consumer market. Their research takes place at Nestlé’s own Research Centre (NRC), which is based in Switzerland. This Centre’s role in the company is to drive science and technology, from basic nutrition and health research, to applied research for product development and application, to ensuring the upmost quality and safety of their products.


Before their products are sent out to retailers they go through microbiological and sensoric tests, because to Powerbar and Nestle alike, high quality is important when it comes to food. To consistently keep this high quality throughout the product content, they have established a quality assurance system in which the safety and taste of products and their contribution to a healthy diet and a sustainable economy are all taken into account. To ensure product safety, their products raw ingredients are tested to meet the specified requirements. Powerbar can also ensure you the quality of product in relation to characteristics, such as taste and consistency that is done through regularly sensory tests.


Fitness enthusiasts, athletes, sports teams and sporting events have supported Powerbar since 1986.  Worldwide Powerbar is known to deliver products to leading suppliers of high quality sports nutrition products. They take responsibility when it comes to quality and security of products, and they aim to exceed the expectations of athletes. Powerbar confirm that none of their products contain prohibited substances of the World Anti-Doping Agency List, and none of these are used in any of the manufacturing processes and are not stored or handled in our production areas and therefore any contamination this way can be excluded.

Sporting world

Powerbar is supported by international sports teams that know they can trust and use the brand and its products. These teams include GreenEdge, Ironman European Tour, Omega Pharma, Quickstep, Welsh Triathlon (Cymru) and the tour of France. As you can probably now see Powerbar is supported by well-known international sports teams as their products work when helping them to compete and train to there best ability.

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