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QNT stands for Quality Nutrition Technology, and as a brand they offer just that. Their range of products is aimed to improve you physical and mental ability when trying to achieve goals.

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Since Birth

QNT is a privately owned company whose headquarters are based in Brussels, Belgium (Europe). They were first established in 1988 and since then their brand has become recognized as one of the best nutrition supplement brands in the world. Now QNT is distributed to over 40 countries across the world.

Experience & Delivery 

For over 20 years the team at QNT have been devoted to developing scientifically proven products for creating supierior size, strength and performance. Their range makes their brand suitable for all athletes across all sports disciplines worldwide.

Research & Development

QNT work very closely with both researchers and athletes across the world, to ensure they create the most effective and great tasting products. They use the highest quality ingredients and all their products are produced in their own manufacturing facilities.

Their products combine the best American research with the leading technology from Europe, and each product is designed to help achieve power, stamina, energy and peak muscular performance, in the gym or in a chosen sporting event. The rule they follow is, if they wouldn’t use it themselves they will not produce it.


They claim “Nothing else in the world works as well as QNT!”

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