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Sci Mx

Sci-MX is one of the industry’s lead producers of sports nutrition products associated with the gym. Their ranges of products are distinguished into different series, which makes it easier for a consumer to select what products they need.

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SCI-MX’s mission is to ‘Help improve your physique, allowing you to be at your very best!’. They use some of the best and latest scientific findings in advanced muscle building supplementation. Their wide range caters for any different aspect of physique development that you may have, whether its for development or conditioning.

Their products contain cutting edge formulas, which use some of the latest proven ingredients. They all have one main aim, which is to pack on muscle and improve your overall power and performance. Their Hardcore series is their focus to muscle mass and bulk, Leancore is their focus to lean definition and Rippedcore is their focus on shredding of body fat and promotion of ultra-lean muscle tone.


This series has been formulated to improve muscle mass, size and strength. It includes Sci-MX’s best selling mass gain all in one, a meal replacement that is precision formulated, a pre-workout for improved focus and intensity, a high does BCAA intra-workout and many more great products.


This series is built to focus on lean muscle, size and definition. It includes their best selling ultra lean all in one, a meal replacement shake, high concentration CLA soft gel and a thermogenic fat burner.


This series is designed for that ultra-lean muscle definition and it includes an all in one shake, a meal replacement shake, a whey protein that contains added weight loss ingredients and a super strength fat burner.

Muscle Build

Are you looking to achieve bigger and better results from your workouts? Looking to stand out head and shoulders above everyone else in the gym? Want to achieve that exceptional physique? You train hard, focus on your technique, rest well and eat clean. So now it is time to take your training to the next level, by adding supplements that a proven by science and research. Sci-MX products will help to transform your physique, you can gain muscle size faster, you can make that ‘V’ shape happen, you can achieve an arm size that impresses and you can build the legs of a professional athlete. With SCI-MX you can achieve all of this!

All In One

Each one of their series contain their very own individual all in one formula, these are called OMNImx. They are everything that a serious gym user needs in order to build muscle, all in one convenient shake. Each different OMNImx from the different series are designed to be an all encompassing muscle building shake, that literally contain everything the scientists say that you need in order to pack on muscle FAST!

These shakes include scientifically proven doses of some of the world’s most effective muscle building nutrients. They are formulated with their pioneered blend of GRS 9-Hour protein and cross action carbohydrates. These shakes also include Creatine, BCAAs, Arginine AKG and more. In total there are 14 active ingredients in each shake, which helps it achieve its maximum effect. Expect great results:

  • Explosive lifting power
  • Anabolic effect
  • Testosterone enhancement
  • Anti workout fatigue

The different variations across the different series include different benefits, which further help you achieve that ultimate physique.

Muscle Meal Replacement

Each Sci-MX series alson includes its own variation of a great meal replacement shake. Their shakes are scientifically balanced and designed to support a muscle gain performance. These Muscle Meal products are deisgned to be used by those who are serious about diet and control of their meal count. Each of these shakes works as a muscle building meal, that has been formulated using their scientifically proven balance of GRS 9-hour protein and Cross action carbohydrates. Each shake provides a user with the necessary calories they need depending on their goals, its own personalised vitamin stack and more great features. These products are ultimately designed for those who are looking to transform their body physique, there are three variations of the shake, each Sci-MX series has its own.


SCI-MX have produced their own pre workout supplement to allow users to give their training intensity that boost. They have named this product X-Plode Hardcore, and it’s a unique scientific drink that contains 10 bioactive ingredients. This includes their unique Pre-Focus energy stack, Pre-Max amino acid matrix and Arginine AKG.

Pre-workout supplements have fast become extremely popular for serious gym trainers, and that’s expected as they offer short and long term benefits for physique development. 

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