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Science in Sport

Science In Sport is one of the lead producers of endurance based sports nutrition supplements. Their product range covers a wide variety of sports, and each products other an individual bonus to helping you achieve your ultimate fitness and get you performing at your absolute peak.

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Science In Sport or SiS for short is one of the industry’s leading sports nutrition companies who develop, manufacture and market a wide range of different sports nutrition products for both professional athletes and sports enthusiasts alike. They have become a really strong and trusted brand among the elite athlete community, and in the 2012 London Olympic games, 24 medal-winning athletes or teams were regular users of SiS products. Their products form two core ranges, which are SiS GO and SiS REGO. The SiS GO range comprises of energy powders, isotonic gels, energy bars and hydration tablets. The SiS REGO range is made up of protein based recovery products such as powders and bars.

SiS are currently the official supplier to word class cycling teams such as Rapha Condor JLT, Belkin Pro Cycling, Madison Genesis, Pro Team Astana and Team Katusha. As well as these teams they also supply to individual athletes like Sir Chris Hoy, Triathlete Helen Jenkins and double Olympic medallist Rebecca Romero, who are also all brand ambassadors for SiS. SiS was founded in 1992 and its headquarters is based in London. Its manufacturing facility is currently based in Nelson, Lancashire.

SiS Promise

SiS understands the time, energy and determination committed by athletes, in order to become the best that they can be. That’s why they try to do just that too when providing you with solutions to sports nutrition. This commitment and effort is one of the main reasons that SiS is able to deliver some of the best products and expert guidance for a wide range of athletes. SiS have combined their expertise with feedback from elite athletes such as Chris Boardman and Sir Chris Hoy, and a passion to do things right, and as a result they now produce some of the industry’s leading products that are proven by science and backed by athletes.

SiS tests all their products over and over again, and this testing does not stop until the product is right. This ensures that their range includes all the right products with all the right ingredients you need. This means you can focus your energy on performing at your best, while SiS work out the tricky bits. This is their promise and commitment to the industry. They want to use only the best science to deliver the best products and advice to everyone.


SiS are proud to provide athletes with various different products that work to help them perform at their best for sport. One of the first things they must do when ensuring this, is ensuring product safety. Their products are externally validated by a world-class sport doping control lab, HFL Sports Science. They produce their products within an Informed Sport accredited facility, which certifies they have quality control procedures in place in order to minimise risk of contamination to their formulas. They do more than that, they also screen all of their suppliers, testing all incoming raw materials and carry out checks on their factories. This is all in addition to the testing of the final products set out by Informed Sport.

SiS have been supplying elite, regularly tested athletes, national and professional teams for over 15 years. Their development has come from working with these athletes and teams to ensure they can trust the robust nature of their systems. These teams regularly send reps to check our banned substance checking systems and procedures in action. SiS understand their responsibility, which is why they put so much effort into ensuring athletes using their products are safe to use them at every level of sport.

Trusted for Commitment

Science In Sport is selected as a brand for our store for their commitment to the industry and their consistency in producing great products that work. The brand and its products are trusted by science and by athletes, and as one of the trusted brands of informed sports we believe they are one of the leaders of the industry. They are constantly developing new science and new products to meet the ever-changing needs of athletes. Lky7 Sports have also chosen to trust SiS, as we believe with their products athletes are truly able to achieve optimum fitness levels and perform at their peak.

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