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Smart Tec

Smart Tec are producers of Performance Nutrition products. Their products cover a wide range of different goals, but ultimately their products are there to help you achieve optimum fitness.

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Smart Tec – Smart Choice

There are many reasons why Smart Tec is a good choice to make when it comes to nutrition, first is their use of the largest European manufacturers to ensure the best quality and cutting edge formulas are produced and delivered by their products. Smart Tec take pride in producing great tasting products that work and include some of the most potent legal formulas available.

They have already built up an extremely loyal customer base, and since 2005 the brand and its products have become established as some of the best tasting and highest quality with the some of the best results from products on the market. Their formulas and labels meet all European regulations, and they constantly review these to ensure consistency.

They also use HFL to randomly drug test their products, this ensures the safety and the availability for use by WADA tested athletes. This excludes XcelR8+, which is not suitable for tested athletes. Their formulas contain scientifically worked out dosages of effective ingredients, and none of them come with any hidden stacks or propriety blends. As a brand they spend less money and time on gimmicky adverts and more on innovation, quality control and premium ingredients.

Strength & Performance

Smart Tec’s Strength & performance series has been designed specifically for those people who are looking to gain maximum muscle size and optimum explosive power. This range has been carefully constructed to cover every aspect of muscle building, and they supply their own version to every supplement available.

The core products from this range are a high quality whey protein, creatine and mass building shake. Their development and research team has worked with some of the best manufacturers to develop some of their more specific products, and they have created some of the most potent formulas. For example their XcelR8+, which is their latest cutting edge pre workout supplement.

It is said that one of the most important times for supplementation is following your workout, so the Strength & Performance series wouldn’t be complete without a post workout shake. This formula is specific to repair the damaged muscle tissue fast following your workout, and it tastes great. Their range also includes an all-in-one supplement, for those who don’t want to taking lots of different supplements and prefer it to all be in one place. This shake guarantees you have the highest amount of active ingredients per 85g.

All Smart Tec products are designed and manufactured in an Informed Sport factory, this makes them suitable for IOC/WADA tested athletes. This excludes their pre workout supplement as it contains the plant extract Geranium root, which although it is legal, it is banned for tested athletes.

Weight Management & Toning

Smart Tec also produce their own range of products aimed at weight loss and toning. The products in this range are all specifically formulated to offer users healthy weight loss alternatives, and can be used by both males and females. These products are designed to aid your weight loss endeavours, help detox your body, and they also provide healthy protein bars that help to keep you fuller for longer.

Their core and leading product in this range is their diet protein formula, its 30g of Tri-source protein guarantees that a user will feel fuller for longer whilst providing the necessary nutrients you need for exercise. It contains less than 10g of carbohydrates, which means those on a low carb diet do not need to worry, as this will be suitable for them too.

It also contains some key fat burning ingredients such as CLA, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Green tea extract, caffeine and Choline. This adds extra power and effect to the shake making it one of the most proven supplements on the market for weight loss, and it comes in four superb flavours.

Energy & Endurance

Smart Tec’s final series is a range of products that have all been designed specifically for those athletes looking to advance their natural fitness and endurance levels. If your looking to go further, faster and for that little bit longer then this range is perfect to help you achieve that. This range aids the body’s energy levels, aids fast recovery of muscles and rehydrates users to keep them performing at their peak. Their core product in this range is their Tri-source carbohydrate formula, which guarantees a user continual glycogen replenishment and contains added BCAAs and vital minerals for recovery.

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