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Vittoria is one of the lead suppliers in the cycle industry. They produce a range of different cycling products such as shoes, tires and much more. They are well established in the industry and are an all round great brand.

More Info

Vittoria Group

Vittoria has been establishing themselves in the industry since 1953, and they have already built up a number of highly reputable partnerships within it. Together with this they have created their own unique brand image, and have become the worlds leading manufacturer of bicycle tires. They produce more than 7 million tires a year.

Vittoria’s research and development team have developed some of the world’s best racing tires for all levels, in particular their unique Corsa Series cotton tires. They run their own production facilities from Thailand and provide their global sales and networking from Boston, America to Bangkok and in Europe (Italy, Netherlands and Germany).

They currently own two brands, which are Vittoria for road tires and GEAX fir MTB, but they also trade several other third party brands in some countries. E.G: 3T, Fox, North wave and Selle Italia.

Mission and Vision

Vittoria believes in challenging yourself and achieving the next level in sports. They believe that this is the most gratifying, great feeling there is. They have made it their mission to help their customer improve their cycling performance and achieve that next level feeling. They do this by providing the best and fastest bicycle tires in the world. They have been doing this for the past 60 years, and are now recognised worldwide for their great work.


Their factory is located in Bangkok, Thailand and is called Lion Tyres. This is the main production facility where the Vittoria group has its production of its quality bicycle tires, tubular and inner tubes take place.

This establishment was founded in 1988 during the reorganization and globalization of the company and Vittoria group. Lyon Tyres was then created to handle the production process as well as the companies research and development departments.

They are the largest company within the Vittoria group and they employ over 1300 employees that are spread across the establishments five buildings. This totals more than 100,000 square feet under 100% Thai management.


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