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Weider is an industry-leading brand of sports nutrition supplements for a vast range of goals. They produce a number of high quality products that produce great results.

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Who, What, Where, When, Weider?

Weider is a leading sports nutrition company, who are based in Phoenix, Arizona and have over 70 years of experience and expertise under their belt. Their mission is to produce and deliver the best products that nutritional science has to offer the industry, for living a longer, stronger, healthier life.

The brand has been developing its innovative dietary supplements since 1936, and they have always based them on these important aspects.

  • Quality – Meet all manufacturing and Nutritional standards
  • Science – Use proven and trusted ingredients
  • Knowledge – Worldwide network, involve all aspects of health
  • Trust – Products you can rely on, when achieving your goals

They have a simple philosophy for both life and the brand and its products and that ‘ Live better for yourself and your family’. This is key to Weider as each member of their team is like a member of their family. Weider would like to thank their already committed customer for their support over the many years and they promise to continue delivering the same or better products at affordable prices.

History of Weider

Joe Weider and his Weider team have been educating people across the world on all aspects of bodybuilding, fitness, health and wellness for nearly 70 years. They have earned the trust of many health conscious people for one simple reason. That’s because for well over half a century they have put the quality and efficacy of their products above everything else.

In the modern world the Weider name is synonymous with the health and fitness industry. The brand provides products, information and services of high quality to over 120 countries, making them one of the largest brands of the industry.

Why Weider?

In case you haven’t realised why to choose Weider then we will tell you again. Weider are recognised in over 100 countries worldwide to be one of the leading brands of sports nutrition and health well being. They are well trusted by professional and amateur athletes and all of their product formulas are made up of scientifically proven ingredients. Weider test their ingredients to ensure they have optimum potency, meaning they will have greater effect within the supplement.

They cover a wide range of different products such as Amino Acids, Creatine, Diet & Energy, Featured Items and Product Stacks, Protein and Weight Gainers. Each of the categories contains various high quality products that have been formulated to perform at their absolute best. And their team continue to test and research further, in attempt to further improve these spectacular products. Weider want nothing more than to be able to offer you the very best of the best. They are committed to all of their customers training individuals and welcome any feedback on products in order to further develop them.

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