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Kids Bikes


Very similar to what happens when kids go through their first bikes, developing those bikes is a massive learning process.  Although the line-up approaches the season relatively unchanged compared with the previous year, the kids bikes of the Dakar family have been largely refined.

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The most obvious change being the name, the Matts Junior models are completely new developments as far as our bikes go, with up to date child orientated geometries. The Merida R&D experts have gone to work in accomplishing these bikes, tailored to the needs of youngsters, and they really are better than ever before.

Younger riders benefit from the revised geometries of Merida’s 12-inch entry models. The distance between these bikes saddles and handlebars is now shorter, meaning a child will have better reach on these bicycles. They also feature a lower top-tube, which results in a lower stand over height; making it much easier for younger riders to feel safe and confident whilst exploring the great outdoors.

This is what Merida provide to make these early rides happy ones – And to make their parents happy too. All Merida Kids models are available as Boy or Girl versions, distinguished not only by colour but by the even lower top tube for the Girls models.

Matts Junior 20 and 24 inch bikes now also feature a single ring set up, plus suspension forks that are now even better and provide a smoother ride. This is a great benefit for light riders.

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