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Competing in the Olympic Triathlon

The Olympic triathlon has not been around as long as many other types of races, having begun only in the year 2000 when the Olympics were held in Sydney, Australia. From that event, there has been a lot of interest in the Olympic triathlon from different countries and it has since drawn a large number of participants and competitors. The triathlon is no ordinary event, bearing in mind the fact that it takes a lot of skill for you to be able to compete and even be able to complete the race. The Olympic triathlon tests you incredibly on your endurance, your physical fitness, how flexible you are and your mental capability to be alert. Therefore, if you compete in the Olympic triathlon and you reach the finish line, you can consider yourself one amazing person, even if you did not come close to winning the race. There may be many people to start the race, but not so many to finish it.


There are a lot of obstacles that can stand in your way if you want to compete in this particular triathlon. First of all, before you are even considered for this triathlon, you have to pass the preliminary test that is set according to the Olympic standards. This is important to weed out those who might not be able to compete on the higher stages of the competition. Once you have been selected, you can be sure that your training level will increase and get harder by the day. When you are training every other day, always keep in mind the ultimate goal that you want to achieve- to finish the Olympic triathlon. The only weapon that can help you prepare for this tournament and have a real chance at winning it is proper training. You have to work closely with your trainer to make sure that you develop appropriate training schedules that are individually for you. You also have to make sure that you come up with training strategies which will help you to learn everything that you can to become a good competitor. You must always strive to do your best.

Stay Alert

It is important that you remain aware and alert throughout your training and competing in the race. The Olympic triathlon is one of those races that can really bring out the best in you if you are properly prepared. Whenever you are training, you should have it in the back of your mind the kind of person you would love the world to see you as. You have to bring your A game all the time and be the ultimate competitor.

Strengthen your muscles

You must make sure that you strengthen your muscles for you to have a shot at succeeding in this competition. There are some people who will consider using paddles and fins to be able to boost their muscles. However, this is never a good way to go about it. The assumption in this is that when you use the paddles and fins, you will be increasing the force of the water as it hits and flows against your hand. What actually should happen is that you should use the paddles to enhance what you feel when you are in the water. Do not forget that swimming is the most challenging aspect of the triathlon and should be a main focus of your training.

Dress Correctly

Although few people mention it in their guides, what you wear counts for so much when you are swimming or otherwise competing in the triathlon. The biggest mistake that you can ever make when choosing swimwear is to put on a wetsuit and pull the sleeves and the legs so far down. Whenever you are putting on the wetsuit, it is important that you leave enough rubber for your shoulders and chest. You should allow for free movement so that you can also breathe well when you are in the water. The best way of doing this would be to pull the sleeves of the wetsuit a few inches from your hands and also pull the legs a few inches up further from your ankles.

Your movement when you are training or competing should be very easy and very fast. In order to learn how to do this, you can consider using some toys to enhance your movement and your ability to swim faster and better. There is a variety of equipment that you can use for this purpose. You can also train with a waterproof swimming metronome so that you can learn to improve your pace, your turnover and your rhythm. Once you feel that you have mastered the art, you can then get rid of the accessories and train on your own.

Runners Kick

A lot of people suffer from runner’s kick and this is one of the main things that can really set you back when you are competing. To deal with it, take an old bicycle tube and tie it around your ankles, tying them together. Once you have done this, you should be able to train yourself well enough to deal with runner’s kick if and when it happens to you.

Water Difficulty

The main reason why so many people put a lot of emphasis on swimming in the Olympic triathlon is because it is considered the most challenging part of the tournament. You might find it relatively easy to run and cycle, but the swimming part of the competition can really set you back if you are not well prepared. Do not forget that while you are in the water there are many factors that you have to deal with. The weather can always change, the winds might change the direction and so forth. All of these are elements that will affect how you perform in water and in general throughout the Olympic triathlon race.