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 Training for the Sprint Triathlon

We love adventure; that is the nature of human beings. As long as you know what you are getting into, there is nothing wrong with trying out something new. The sprint triathlon is one of those challenges that can give people the sense of adventure that they are seeking. There are many reasons to consider participating in a sprint triathlon in addition to the adventure of it. Just as is the case with the marathons, the challenge here is not necessarily to win the race, but to accomplish successfully completing the triathlon and reaching the finish line. Of course, winning would be exceedingly exciting as well! However, considering you might be competing against some of the best challengers in the world, you should manage your expectations and focus more on training so that you will be able to achieve your goal of completing this type of race.


Your training schedule should be designed so that you are learning and progressing appropriately throughout your preparation. Each step is a learning experience that makes you a better prepared person and gets you ready for your future challenges. Therefore, you should never take this process for granted, but make sure that you follow your plan closely and take it seriously. Before you consider joining any competition including a sprint marathon, it might be a good idea for you to make sure that you are physically fit and that your body can handle all the challenges that are involved. There is so much that your body will go through when you are engaging in such a challenge, therefore you will need to make sure that you can train as much as possible so that you prepared to handle the challenges well. Remember, a triathlon is not the kind of race that is for the faint of heart, but those who are willing to push themselves to the limit. It is all about discipline, endurance and the motivation to keep you going.

See the Proffesionals

Before you decide that you want to run in a triathlon, it is important that you go to your physician to make sure that you are healthy enough for such an endeavor. Your physician is perhaps the only person who will be able to get you such a clearance, considering that you might not really know so much about what is going on in your body. You might have the motivation to train hard and participate in the challenges ahead, but your body may not be able to keep up with your mind. Once you have been cleared by your physician, it is time to start with your training schedule. Knowing more about your overall health will help you to design a training program that is appropriate for you.

The Three Stages

There are three stages in a triathlon and the most intimidating one is typically the swimming part. In the water is where your patience and endurance is really put to the test. If you fail to succeed here, it may deter you from ever attempting the triathlon. You should start slow by just doing a basic swimming routine and then progressing to swimming faster and over longer distances. Remember that training is not about doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results each time, but it is about increasing difficulty and building on your progress every other day. Your real target is to make sure that you do not push yourself over the limit, but you should always try to make sure that whatever you do today, you do it tomorrow twice as fast or you do double the distance that you covered today.

You might train as much consistently and believe that you are making some really good progress as far as swimming is concerned. However, the one thing that you should never forget is that swimming in a swimming pool is considerably different from swimming in areas of open water. If you can, try to make sure that you can swim and train in the open water sources that are accessible to you. It helps a great deal if you can learn to adapt to the challenges of swimming in the open because most people find that area of the race to be the most challenging. It is also crucial to remember that when you are swimming in the ocean or the lake, there are no lanes, therefore it can be very crowded and confusing. You can easily get frustrated when someone keeps swimming towards you, in front of you or just too close beside you. However, this is a part of the challenge of the competition that you need to be prepared for. Make sure that you never lose sight of the goal.

The cycle might be one of the easiest parts of the triathlon, but do not forget to save enough energy to complete the final running portion of the race. By then you might already be extremely tired, but you still have to keep pushing until you get to the end. You should make sure that you choose your bike carefully because it will be a very important factor in how you train and ultimately compete. Work with a professional to help guide you to find the bicycle that will be the most comfortable and best style to help you finish the race. Choosing the wrong bike may make you fall short of the finish line. Running a sprint triathlon is all about training hard, being focussed and never losing sight of the ultimate goal.