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Amino Acids - BCAAs

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Amino acids are compounds that come together to makeup proteins. When combined with proteins, they make up the building blocks of the human body. The human body uses amino acids and proteins to help the body to repair damaged body tissue, promote growth, provide energy and perform other essential body functions. You will find amino acids in three groups. These are essential,conditional and non- essential amino acids.

What are essential amino acids?

These are biological compounds that cannot be made by the body, which means that they must be accessed from dietary sources. If you are an athlete or body builder, you will find that using branch chained amino acids will help you in your endeavor to get fit and give excellent performances in your sport. Which brings us to something you must consider using- BCAAs.

What are branch chained amino acids or BCAAs?

These are essential protein nutrients found in foods such as meat, legumes and dairy products. Some of the BCAAs you will come across are valine, leucine and isoleucine. The term “branchedchain”, is used to refer to the chemical structure of these amino acids.

Uses of BCAAs

This form of amino acids is especially important for active individuals, such as body builders and athletes, because they can utilize these amino acids for protein synthesis. This is helpful when it comes to attaining optimal performance in any sport or fitness regime. The fact that BCAAs are essential amino acids means that, in the case of inadequate food, BCAA supplements are used to provide essential nutrition to athletes, body builders and any other highly active individual. Capping these two advantages is the fact that these nutrients are of great benefit when it comes to reduction of fatigue in people who are engaged in anaerobic pursuits and endurance sports.

BCAAs for endurance sports

An endurance sport is any sport that requires an individual to invest long periods of time at low intensities in order to be able to accomplish it. A good example is marathon running. This kind of sport or physical exertion requires an individual to engage in prolonged athletic output for an extended period of time.

If you engage in continuous exercise activity for over 30 minutes then you can term this an endurance exercise. Doesn’t matter if it is swimming, running or yoga it can be classified as an endurance exercise if it meets the previous definition. This definition does not apply to aerobic exercises alone as it also encompasses anaerobic exercises, such as power lifting in body building. If you are an athlete or individual training for 20 – 120 minutes a day in any sport, then you are engaging in endurance training.

What kind of nutrition do endurance athletes need?

In activities that require endurance, you need to use a lot of dietary fuel, just like fire needs a constant supply of fuel to keep burning bright. Providing your body with continuous fuel during endurance training helps to increase the quality of your performance. Otherwise, you will be unable to meet your daily training goals due to a lack of sufficient energy and you may find that you are susceptible to unwanted injury. If you are a body builder, you need to feed your body with adequate protein from the right sources to ensure that you get the kind of body for which you are training.

Any sport or endeavor based on endurance actually needs a lot of nutritional support. This is why you find many of the sports men and women engaged in endurance training or events using supplementation. While it is important to get the bulk of your dietary needs from food, you also have to supplement your daily food intake through supplements if you are an endurance trainer.

You need to replenish all that your body is using during your physical exertion by taking required carbohydrates for energy and proteins for the repair of broken down tissue. This will ensure that you get the kind of results you need in any physical activity in which you engage. This is where BCAAs come in.

Performance enhancing qualities of branch chained amino acids (BCAAs)

Branch chained amino acids have performance enhancing qualities that can help you lift your performance levels for up to three hours. You must be aware that during endurance training these amino acids are reduced and, in such cases, an athlete may end up experiencing a lot of fatigue. What happens is that when the BCAAs reduce in the body, the levels of tryptophan in the body increase. Tryptophan is an amino acid that, when missing or in low supply in the body, enhances the feeling of fatigue in athletes.

Fatigue is the enemy of progress in any form of endurance training and so you cannot afford to have BCAAs low in your system. For this reason, investing in BCAA supplements is an important thing as it will help you to get the kind of results you are looking for when working out or engaging in athletics.

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