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Carb Powders

LKY7 Sports stocks and supplies top quality grade carb powders.  All of our different types of carb powders are manufactured to the highest quality and have been rigorously tested to ensure that you receive the maximum benefits from using these supplements.

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Our carb powders will give your body the energy it needs to help fuel your muscles after an intense workout. These powders are great products for athletes and body builders that need a reliable and good quality source of energy to support rigorous workouts and increase performance, as well as endurance.

The Uses of carb powder

Regardless of the kind of training program or sport that you engage in, carbohydrates can be a critical factor in determining how well you perform and the level of endurance you have in any activity. These powders provide the following benefits:

  • Helps to build muscle and fuel workout recovery

In addition to fat-burning proteins, you need a fast burning carbohydrate to take as part of your post workout nutritional regimen. During the anabolic window that opens after an intense workout, your body absorbs nutrients in a bid to build and repair muscle. A fast absorbing carb powder will be taken up by your body quickly so that your muscles are well fed and ready for your next workout.

  • Promotes endurance

Any athlete or body builder needs a high endurance level to be able to achieve and maintain fitness and high performance goals. Carb powders provide athletes with sustained energy; such that they have enough stamina to achieve their goals by helping them to avoid fatigue and have focused energy.

  • Great for cross training

 Cross training requires explosive and consistent energy. It is a great fitness tool, but in order to benefit from it, one’s muscles must be fuelled with the right energy source. Carbohydrate powders provide you with enough energy to perform cross training and enable you to fight any energy crashes you experience along the way.

  • Good source of daily energy

Carb powders are used by athletes and fitness enthusiasts, and can also be used by the average person to provide a consistent source of energy throughout the day and cut down on any unhealthy cravings. Unlike coffee, these powders are an ideal energy source that does not result in any sugar slumps. They will help you control your blood sugar levels and provide you with your daily energy requirements in order to help you achieve your goals and attain the kind of body you desire.

  • Strengthen your system during or after illness.

Sometimes after an illness, the immune system is weak and this translates to a weak body. Carb powders can be used at this time to provide the body with much needed energy as the body recovers from the rigors of illness. They are easy to consume and digest, which is ideal for people with a weak system.

  • Beef up your fitness menu.

You can use carb powders to make delicious meals that will support your fitness goals. It can also be used to make great beverages that will help you in your recovery needs after participating in a fitness regimen. Carb powders do not cause bloating and can be a great source of energy for anyone. For breakfast, you can mix them in oatmeal, in cereal or in delicious pancakes.

What are carb powders?

Carb powders are great for anyone that engages in high intensity aerobic sports, such as running, weight training and cycling. They help the body to support high performance and reduce the loss of glycogen in the muscles. This helps athletes or fitness enthusiasts to avoid getting tired too fast during sports or training sessions.

The body needs a consistent supply of high glycaemic carbohydrates for use as fuel in high intensity exercises as well as other fitness endeavours and carbohydrate powders are the answer. The muscles in the body can only store carbohydrates for a set period so these need to be taken at the right time during any workout. You should have a supply of good quality carbs to take before, during and after a workout.

Carb powders can be added to a drink in order to make a great energy drink. They are easy to digest and the body absorbs them fast, giving you a ready source of energy. Use them to increase your performance in the gym, during competitive events, for a boost during endurance sports or as part of muscle building fitness diets.

Order Your Carb powders Online Now

Carb powders can be a great source of benefit for anyone looking to increase fitness or attain a particular kind of body. They are a good provider of energy, but finding the right kind of energy powders made from quality ingredients is not easy. We provide you with top notch carbohydrate powders that are made from high quality ingredients, guaranteed to satisfy you. Take them before, during or after a workout session to give your body as much energy as it needs. Order your carb powders online now!

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