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LKY7 Sports stocks and supplies top quality grade CLA supplements. All of our CLA products are manufactured to the highest quality and have been rigorously tested to ensure that you receive the maximum benefits from using them.

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Our Conjugated Linoleic Acids are the perfect products for bodybuilders and athletes to increase their immune functions and help reduce body fat so as to maintain great fitness levels as they work hard to achieve their goals.

The Uses of CLA

CLA is a strong antioxidant that is typically found in the body. It is an altered type of linoleic acid, which is an omega six fatty acid that is essential for optimum human health. It is a naturally occurring fatty acid that is usually found in meat and dairy products. As a supplement, it is of importance to body builders and athletes and is valued for its ability to promote weight loss.

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts use CLA supplements to help their bodies decrease in weight and increase in the growth of lean muscle. It is available in the form of a syrup or powder in different concentrations. CLA is also able to:

  • Prevent heart ailments by lowering cholesterol levels
  • Prevent the development of certain types of cancer in the body
  • Increase one’s metabolic rate, which helps to improve the body’s ability to lose weight during workouts and athletic performances
  • Enhance muscle growth, which enhances weight loss by helping muscles burn fat efficiently
  • Lower insulin resistance in the body; hence, it is beneficial when dealing with        Diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes, which is related to obesity.
  • Help fight food induced allergies by helping one to accomplish fitness goals efficiently as food allergies can cause an individual to find it hard to lose weight. This is because they allergies can result in a bloated feeling and a lot of fluid retention in the body. Food allergies can be fought by increasing one’s metabolic rate- something that can be accomplished from CLAs.
  • Will improve your lean mass to body ratio by helping you to reduce fat deposits in stubborn areas, such as the stomach. The decrease of fat content in the body is essential for anyone looking to increase their fitness level and CLAs help the body to do this. This will also help an individual perform exercises better, something that will ultimately result in higher fitness levels.

What are CLA supplements?

Conjugated Linoleic Acid supplements, when used in combination with a structured diet and exercise plan, have exceptional fat burning properties. They can help an individual lose weight and build up lean and strong muscle.

These acids are related to omega six fatty acids and can be sourced from food items such as milk, beef, lamb and eggs. However, human beings cannot produce CLAs. These substances increase the body’s metabolic rate and provide users with an abundance of energy. This is because they help to convert food consumed into energy, which is necessary for people that enjoy engaging in extreme physical activity, such as athletics and weight lifting.

Not only do CLAs help to reduce weight and attain a slim waist, they also have the power to help the body fight off serious diseases such as cancer. This is because they are laden with powerful antioxidants that the body needs to ward off diseases including heart problems and cancer.

In fact, studies done concerning this product have shown that women exposed to these CLAs have lower rates of breast cancer. The same result has been seen in the prevention of prostate and colon cancer. In addition this, they can help the body fight off diseases by improving the capacity of the body’s immune system to fight off ailments.

However, CLA supplements are not magic drugs; hence, they must not be approached as such. Their benefits can be gained by an individual if he/she takes a balanced diet and maintains an active lifestyle. When taken in this way, they help users deal with the stress of working hard to achieve fitness goals, since they help them realize their goals faster. They also help an athlete or body builder raise their tolerance level while achieving fitness goals, something that can only give them better results from their fitness regimen.

Order Your CLA Supplements Online

You don’t have to go out of your way to buy these supplements as you can easily purchase them online. Many people have embraced the use of CLA dietary supplements and we have the best supply of these products. These supplements may be taken before or after meals and have little or no side effects associated with them. We conveniently offer you the chance to buy these supplements online from the comfort of your home or office. Buy our top notch CLA supplements online now and gain from the numerous benefits that they offer you.

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