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LKY7 is a leading online retailer of branded glutamine products for sportsmen and women.

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Glutamine is an amino acid found in the body. The body is capable of making enough glutamine for its everyday needs, but if placed under extreme stress, then this supply gets depleted to the point that your body may need more glutamine than it is able to make. Extreme stress refers to the kind of exertion you get from overextending yourself during athletic training or any other strenuous form of exercise or physical workout.

Glutamine most commonly available in muscles

When it comes to amino acids, glutamine is the one that is most commonly available in the muscles. This is accurate considering that sixty-one percent of skeletal muscle in humans is made out of glutamine. This makes it a significant part of the physical muscle of human beings. Couple this with the fact that almost a third of glutamine in the body is made up of nitrogen and you can see that it is an important compound in the body as this makes it the main transporter of nitrogen in the muscle cells.

This compound can be used to ensure the healthy elimination of waste in the body. In addition, it helps an individual’s immune system function properly and is also important when it comes to promoting healthy brain functions and digestion in the body.

Glutamine can increase the body’s wound healing properties

Glutamine also has the ability to help facilitate wound healing in the human body. It also helps in the breakdown of muscle and promotes the buildup of body tissue, such as muscle. In times when an individual is engaged in intensive exercise, the body experiences a lot of wear and tear. This is why many athletes and body builders ensure that they have enough nutrients in their body, not only to sustain their muscles, but also to promote healing of any broken down muscles experienced during training.

Since the body cannot provide all the glutamine you need during intense workouts and physical activity, it helps to have a high quality supplement to help the body deal with repairs and building up of new muscles.

Set amount of glutamine supplementation you can get a day

Apart from supplementation, you also get glutamine from food sources such as beef, poultry, pork, cheese, eggs, beans, raw spinach and parsley. The nature of our foods these days is such that they are either too expensive or lack the kind of nutrition that you need each day. In the case of glutamine, you can supplement your dietary sources with products that you can take in a number of forms.

The only caveat is that you must not take more than 40 grams of this supplement in a day.

Types of glutamine supplements to take

You can get glutamine supplements in two forms. You can access them as glutamine peptides or as L – Glutamine.

• Glutamine peptides These are glutamine molecules that are combined with other amino acids to ensure that they are stable and to better help the body absorb them once they are introduced into the body. For this reason, many athletes and body builders take glutamine in peptide form because it has a high rate of absorption.

The increased bioavailability of glutamine peptides means that the recovery process of an athlete or body builder is enhanced after a strenuous workout or intense athletic performance. It is common knowledge that immediately after a workout the body will need a rapid supply of nutrients to ensure that it builds muscles as required and helps one to fight fatigue; glutamine peptides are helpful when it comes to this.

• L – Glutamine This amino acid is found in high levels in the body, especially in the skeletal muscles. This amino acid is quite essential for people that engage in strenuous athletic training sessions. It is important to mention that it is not only good for athletes, but can also benefit people suffering from gastrointestinal ailments.

Other benefits of taking Glutamine

For athletes and body builders, L-Glutamine is excellent at protein synthesis in the body. This is beneficial when the body is experiencing low levels of glutamine due to excess physical exertion- something that is capable of causing a lot of muscle wastage and fatigue in the body.

By supplementing with L-Glutamine, you will help your muscles to increase endurance, which will ultimately help you to build your strength. In addition, it will help you when it comes to repairing muscles damaged through wear and tear after a strenuous training session.

If you are an athlete or body builder, you know that relying on the daily intake of food for all the nutrition that is needed by our muscles is a futile idea. You need to supplement your daily intake of food with high quality supplements, such as glutamine, to ensure that you get the best out of your body.

Glutamine supplementation will cause your muscles to handle strenuous exercises longer, which means that they can help you to build your body strength levels and enable efficiency in training and athletics. This is a good supplement to take in addition to your daily balanced diet to maximize your efforts in athletics and bodybuilding.

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